How Adele Tevlin’s 4-Week Course Is Transforming Companies Everywhere

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Over the last two decades, Adele Tevlin has specialized in helping business leaders in North America create and produce massive elevations in their leadership and performance. Adele is the CEO and founder of C.E.O Blueprint, a transformational development company changing lives everywhere. She has developed a 4-week course for empowering business leaders, which is significantly transforming companies everywhere. It is an online program designed to change people’s subconscious programming to help them create confidence, empathy, and opportunity in their lives, businesses, relationships, and other aspects of life.

Since its establishment, Adele has positively impacted thousands of business leaders with relevant life skills that have been essential in transforming their companies. Adele says that the program is aimed at helping her students deconstruct and reject specific ideas, stories, and experiences that don’t serve the realization of their goals. She also helps them create a whole new paradigm to operate in their different industries.    

Adele has since established herself as a top behavioral expert and pattern interrupter. She uses her exceptional skills, a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy, neuroscience, and psychology, to develop practical solutions that suit her clients’ needs. This ensures that her clients achieve the best transformation and breakthroughs they are committed to achieving in their lives.

Such a prolific and influential approach makes her one of the most sought-after in her field. Adele has worked with numerous clients and companies such as TD Bank, CIBC, Credit Suisse, Goodmans LLP, Shimmerman Penn, Blakes LLP, and Crowe Soberman LLP.

“Adele can see people’s blind spots and all that gets in the way of their ability to accomplish their goals. She’s a pattern interrupter and behavioral expert and can help shift any undesired behaviors to create sustainable change,” says one of her clients

Most of her clients also acknowledge her for her unique way of communicating things that land differently than people they have previously worked with. But to her, her ability to tell it the way it is makes her stand out in the industry. Speaking out for what it is also helping her connect the dots in her clients’ lives to help them find freedom. Adele also adds that it’s such a move that enables her to connect dots many wouldn’t have ever thought to combine. She says it’s her unique way to merge science and spirituality in a tangible, digestible, and powerful way.

“I help people release the past, know their worth, see their path, and own their desires. I’ve been told that my 4-week series has been more effective for people than 25 years of therapy. Those are things I don’t take lightly or forget!” says Adele.

Adele wants everyone to understand that everything you desire is possible. It’s her number one piece of advice that she offers her clients, encouraging them not to give up, even when it seems impossible and no one understands.

Now that she is transforming companies everywhere, Adele also shares a goal of impacting millions of lives. She has created a podcast episode on financial empowerment, as she believes that the realization of financial goals holds the key to other successes in life.

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