Hkm Saharan (HK): The Road to Greatness Is Alive

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What does it take to be successful in life? There are many factors, but the most important is having a clear vision of what you want and being persistent. This has been the mantra for Hkm Saharan, an investor, content creator, and NFT enthusiast, making his mark in the emergent and exciting Web3 space. “We live in exciting times with limitless opportunities for anyone to succeed,” says Hkm Saharan, who sees technology as one of those opportunities that should not be overlooked. In his opinion, there has never been a better time to invest than now, something he knows from experience.

Born to middle-class parents in a third-world country, Saharan didn’t have the easiest childhood. Growing up in a place where modern technology was virtually nonexistent denied the young Saharan many opportunities, but that changed when his parents discovered his interest in learning English and transferred him to an international school. While that came with its perks, the transition wasn’t without its challenges. Coming from an all-Sinhalese government-funded school, Saharan found the ways of the international school system to be challenging. An average student, Saharan started looking for something outside the curriculum and the pages of his school textbooks.

Saharan’s mission led him to Pokemon cards, which opened his eyes to a whole new world. Even though he didn’t really like collecting the cards, doing so taught him how to make an extra buck and made him a better entrepreneur. Gradually, Saharan learned how to classify and earn more from them based on their value. He would sell the cards that held more value or flip them for better cards because he understood that game. Then, Saharan discovered the internet, and his life changed once again.

Years later, his conviction that the internet is the future never wavered. In college, Saharan studied software engineering and development for his higher national diploma, but he didn’t finish. Even though it was partly because of his financial situation at home, Saharan admits he wasn’t really keen on what college promised. Also, he felt constricted and didn’t enjoy what he was learning. That feeling persisted when Saharan got a 9-5 job soon after working as an analyst in a company. Convinced he could do better, Saharan resigned and left to pursue his passions.

After a series of disappointments and failures, Saharan found a job he enjoyed but had to leave after one year when he developed a condition in his eye and was advised to get immediate cornea replacement surgery. What ensued was the most challenging period of Saharan’s life, but that soon became a blessing in disguise. When doing social media marketing to save for his surgery, Saharan discovered the NFT space and connected with Gary Vaynerchuck, one of the influential voices in this space.

That pivotal moment changed the trajectory of Saharan’s life, and he has never looked back since. “I grinned my way through to a stable living, and now I am shooting for the stars and building my future,” he says. The goal is to continue growing and give back to society, something he’s already doing through his Web3 organization, Third World. In a recent interview, the successful entrepreneur said his mission is to tell stories of NFT and Web3 enthusiasts from underdeveloped countries, showcasing the ambition and dreams they hold. The goal is to help more people realize the potential in this space and help them leverage it to succeed as Saharan has.


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