Highline Classics Provides a Transparent “Amazon-Like” Experience to Its Buyers

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When you think about online retailers, Amazon is often the first brand that comes to mind, and with good reason. As Amazon owner, Jeff Bezos has hit $1 trillion in net worth. The retail giant got its reputation by delivering a vast range of products to consumers through its customized online service. But one of the products Amazon doesn’t sell is a restored classic Ford Bronco. That’s a product you want to go to Oregan restoration shop, HighLine Classics for. They may sell a product that isn’t available on Amazon, but their approach to sales and service and transparency mimics many key qualities Amazon offers, says owner Josh Dougherty. He goes on to say that a lot of shops out there hide their secrets behind a curtain and don’t give simple info like paint codes and part numbers. At HighLine, we help everyone regardless of if they buy from us or not. 

Not Your Typical Mechanic Shop

Restoration of classic vehicles often comes from small mechanic shops or specialized collectors. However, there’s often a risk that comes when investing in vehicles from these sources as quality isn’t always top-notch. With HighLine Classics, things are a little different. Specializing in custom builds and restorations, they’re dedicated to producing the highest quality Ford Bronco restorations in the country. Thanks to their staff’s dedication to the craft and owner Dougherty’s knowledge of the industry, clients are always guaranteed a top-quality product. The company itself came about as a way for Dougherty to formalize his hobby of restoring classic vehicles, he says. Today, the shop has grown to eight dedicated employees who are passionate about classic Ford Broncos.

Banking On Reputation

HighLine Classics has a reputation for seeking out excellence in every restoration they do. They specialize in classic Ford Broncos, restoring the body to reflect the original while pairing it with all-new technology. HighLine Classics takes forgotten Broncos and gives them a sleek makeover, keeping the retro style while upgrading everything else. It’s like driving an older car that’s been fine-tuned for 21st-century living, says Dougherty.

The company’s earliest exploits were simple upgrades, but by focusing on craftsmanship and detail, they quickly made a name for themselves in the classic car industry. Now, when a client sees a vehicle that went through HighLine Classics’ shop, they say they don’t even need to know much about the car to make an offer on it. The company’s name is a powerful enough incentive to arrange complete sales without even having clients come to the showroom. In our current socially distanced world, this has been a benefit for their overall business. Not to mention, it helps that they’re viewed as one of the top 5 Ford Bronco shops in America.

A Bespoke Shopping Experience The “Amazon-like” experience HighLine Classics offers to clients comes from their reputation and the trust between the company and its buyers. They offer a quality product, reliable service, and craftsmanship that’s second to none, according to their customers. But beyond that, the entire sales process is quick and easy. Everything is transparent and easy to understand, and there’s zero pressure to buy. Instead, they focus on education and information for the customer. HighLine Classics stands by their work and have impeccable customer service. Reputation counts for quite a lot in marketing classic cars and restorations as it does in the field of retail. That’s how HighLine Classics offers their clients the only authentic “Amazon-like” experience when buying a classic Ford Bronco.


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