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HighKey Party’s Yacht Revelry Dominates Miami Nightlife

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Miami is famous for its nightlife, and for good reason. From the mega-clubs of South Beach to the relaxed warehouse culture of Downtown and Wynwood, Miami promises an unforgettable night out.
While South Beach is infamous for debauchery, it is also home to a number of cool, more lowkey, local bars, and lounges. Each Miami neighborhood has a diverse offering of bars and clubs for an incredible night out, for any kind of scene. On June 5th 2021, Miami witnessed a legendary, exclusive yacht concert, hosted by HighKey Party and the Lintz brothers.
Attendance at the event was by invite-only and tickets started at $1,000 for general admission. Celeb guests could also purchase their tables at the price of $10,000. To prevent any mixups or confusion, guests were given different colored wristbands to separate general admission from VIP access.

Lintz Brothers and the HighKey Brand
Founded by brothers Jordan, Luke, and Jackson Lintz, the HighKey Enterprises is redefining social media growth by reinventing personal branding, and social media marketing. HighKey Enterprises offers social media branding services based on stellar content, management, and PR.
HighKey Enterprises has two DBA’s known as HighKey Agency and HighKey Clout. HighKey Agency is the department that focuses on social media management, brand consulting and press. HighKey Clout is the social media growth and talent department currently focusing on Instagram celebrity giveaways.
The latest undertaking of the Lintz brothers is HighKey Party, which is dedicated to hosting exclusive celebrity events.

HighKey Yacht Party
The first-ever HighKey Party event was held on not one, but three luxurious, 75-foot yachts, on June 5th 2021. The Lintz brothers made sure to prepare an unforgettable evening for their celeb guests.
The event was sponsored by Aevolve and the majority of the guests in attendance were celebrities, Instagram models, or high-level business clients. Those who purchased an entry to the third floor received VIP access and treatment.
Throughout the night, guests were entertained by popular performers such as DJ Dzeko, Rich the Kid, Lil Baby, and Blueface. Later that night, guests were surprised when Trey Songz made an unexpected appearance, spicing up the party. In addition to the incredible music, guests were also entertained by special acts such as a mermaid swimmer in the pool, as well as fire stick performers!
In addition to providing incredible entertainment, the Lintz brothers also made sure their guests were well cared for. HighKey made sure to provide unlimited food and alcohol for the guests with VIP access on the third floor. Guests could treat themselves to exclusive drinks such as Grey Goose, Ace of Spades, Mag, and Dom Perignon.

HighKey Mansion Party
The Lintz brothers had high hopes for their yacht party, and the event not only delivered, but it exceeded their expectations. Because the yacht event was so successful, HighKey Party decided to host another event the very next day.
On June 6th 2021, HighKey held their first mansion party to celebrate the epic fight between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul. To match the energy of the yacht party, the Lintz brothers went above and beyond. They decided to hold the party in a three-story mansion, with three pools, three jacuzzis, and plenty of room to dance the night away.
To ensure ultimate security, twenty five bodyguards were hired to patrol the party and cover all floors in the mansion, as well as the space outside.
These two epic events are just the beginning of the HighKey Party’s ambitions. The Lintz brothers plan to keep going, and have hinted at an upcoming event that is bound to happen in the near future. While the details aren’t fully available yet, it is sure to be an incredible experience.
The Lintz brothers post regular party updates on the HighKey Party Instagram profile.

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