Hexgo: The First NFT Project to Give 50% of Sales Royalties to Members

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NFTs continue to amass lots of traction, just like the crypto space, as more people have come to recognize and embrace them for their real-use cases in the real world. NFTs are mainly utilized as tokens for sporadic collectables transactions but recently have outshined other equivalent resources. As newer schemes such as NFTs take the stage, the chances of an explosive adoption and progressive phase for crypto tokens are on the rise, reflecting their non-fungible nature and uniqueness. 

NFTs have become the in-thing, and many people and institutions continue to invest in them rapidly. The NFT space has built collections and gained massive publicity to become a critical aspect of a lucrative financial technology. In an ever-competitive market like the NFT, where numerous projects are released daily, you have to think outside the box to stay ahead of the market. 

Hexgo NFT is an excellent example of an NFT collection which has excelled in the market. Founded by Mike Fraleigh, Hexgo NFT is an exclusive and private collection of 10,000 NFT cards built on the Ethereum blockchain using the industry-leading ERC-721 token. Hexgo is the first and only NFT project to gift 50% of all sales royalties back to the members in a registered NFT giveaway contest. Hexgo NFT has a membership and rewards card that gives members exclusive access to the Hexgo vault, heavy-duty utilities, and remarkable rewards, giving members a lucrative return on investment. 

Hexgo is the first NFT project to handle all the prevalent shortcomings that plague the NFT industry, including scams, rug pulls, pumps and dumps. The NFT space is an unregulated market, just like cryptocurrencies; as a result, they are vulnerable to scammers, who may be able to invade existing loopholes to defraud unsuspecting users. Among the known NFTs scams include OpenSea scams, NFT Ponzi schemes, NFT art finance scams, and other forms of fraud. Given the vulnerability mentioned earlier, the Hexgo crew has implemented measures to tackle this, thus creating a safe platform for their users. 

Hexgo did not have the smoothest journey as there were inherent challenges to building a trusted NFT brand that aims at providing members with real utility value. However, they overcame this by working through all the concerns in the NFT industry and creating remedies. They found out that over 95% of NFT projects don’t work out, and the root cause of this could be traced to the fact that the project team were unaware that they could create something better. After many months of analyzing NFT data, Hexgo made the perfect “magic bullet”, an NFT project designed to disrupt the NFT industry. 

Mike Fraleigh and his team are committed to seeing Hexgo NFT soar even in the coming years, as they remain devoted to ensuring Hexgo remain the number one blue-chip utility NFT spot.  

The Hexgo NFT team asserts that “Hexgo NFT is built for continuous action and longevity, thus making it an innovative and unique NFT project designed to scale into the future of crypto and the metaverse. The Hexgo vault cards and business model were created to never go out of style, and are imitation-resistant. It’s the first of its kind, and it’s here to thrive in the NFT industry.”


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