Here is how ex Militant Douglas James is acing as an entrepreneur:

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For those who aren’t yet familiar with the name, Douglas James is a very renowned digital marketing expert and an entrepreneur. Initially, James was a Navy Corpsman who worked for 16 hours a day. When he was deployed on a humanitarian mission back in 2015 that mission allowed him to assist some of the most impoverished communities in the world. And that’s when he realized he wanted to live his life helping others and eventually joined the world of digital marketing.

In the beginning, he started to learn all about advertisement techniques and effective marketing platform- how they work and how one can approach a global audience through this type of marketing. Through his gained knowledge James has helped several local businesses to grow through Facebook and YouTube Ads. He has also expanded his scope by providing online coaching to all the business owners, so he can help them to succeed in their business.

Within a short period of time, Douglas has created an online education company and a marketing agency that is running successfully in the industry. He believes everyone’s path is different so he never compares his life with others. His principle of focusing on the goals that he wants to attain without giving up midway has made him the person that he is now. As a person, James believes in giving back to the community and other charities by donating a portion of his earnings in order to provide for those people who lack basic essentials.

According to James, “I believe it’s very important for any successful entrepreneur or business owner to share their story and their personal life with their audience because it humanizes them. The more vulnerable you are and the more willing you are to show personal aspects about yourself, the more prospects and clients will connect with you because having a successful family life shows stability. If things aren’t good at home it will show up in business, and vice versa. So, the more you can incorporate your family personal life into your business, the more balance and well-roundedness you will present, and this will attract a lot more people and create a lot more opportunities for yourself.”

Through years of hard work and learning, Douglas James has established himself as a person who lives to help all those struggling business owners through his guidance and wishes to become a successful entrepreneur, making him the go-to person for learning more about the digital world. To know more, follow Douglas James on:

Instagram: @the_douglasjames

Twitter: @Douglas_james_

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/douglas.doherty.3

YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCCPihBrI1vmZ2n2Fs7COmGg

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/douglas-james-1a93b8110/

Personal website: https://thedouglasjames.com


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