Here is how Dr Suzanne Soliman manages her professional and personal life:

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Dr Suzanne Soliman is an acclaimed pharmacist, a pioneer, and a thought leader whose areas of interest are women leadership and public health. She is well admired and respected in her personal relationships as well and is also an excellent wife and mother. She studied and received her PharmD from Illinois University, Chicago College of Pharmacy. Dr Soliman is an authentic BCMAS (Board Certified Medical Affairs Specialist). Before becoming the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs at Illinois University, Chicago College of Pharmacy, she worked as a clinical pharmacist, Medical Science Liaison, Independent Pharmacy Owner and National Field Team Educator. Presently, she works as the Chief Academic Officer of the Council for Medical Affairs (ACMA).

Dr Suzanne cherishes spending time with her family including her husband and kids. She usually cooks and bakes in her free time. She is also an avid lover of cycling and takes it out for a ride whenever she wishes. However, it has not been easy for her to reach the place she is in currently. She had issues managing her work and personal life for several years. “Live life as if everything is rigged in your favour”. This quote by Rumi is Dr Suzzane’s mantra for life and she sincerely abides by it. “I was struggling with work/life balance issues as I had to often work nights, weekends and holidays and was travelling while trying to raise my kids and maintain my marriage.” However, one evening, she randomly started a group which was called the Pharmacist Moms Group (PhMG). The group grew immensely popular with over 1k members in a month. Currently, they have more than 35k members and PhMG is the biggest pharmacist organization in the U.S. For the past forty years, women pharmacists have accounted for the maximum graduates. However, nobody ever made an organisation entirely and exclusively dedicated to them until Dr Suzanne found PhMG.

Dr Soliman also shed light on the systemic gender bias prevalent in society. She said, “Other women may consider you a threat but you believe there is always room for more women. Systemic gender bias makes it harder for women to be in leadership positions so you may find yourself being that “token woman”. This situation is even more amplified for minority women. It isn’t easy.”

Dr Suzanne Soliman has a strong social media presence with over 17.4k followers on Instagram. To know more about her journey and accomplishments, follow her on the social media profiles listed below:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drsuzannesoliman/?hl=en

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/suzannerabi


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