Hanif Ahmed’s Dhakajoy: The solution to today’s Ecommerce needs

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Raising and building a startup of own needs dedication and sheer will. And if the startup is based on an eCommerce platform then there should be something magical in you to be a successful eCommerce startup. Hanif Ahmed’s Dhakajoy is one such startup that has broken numerous records as an eCommerce startup in a very less time. All the credit goes to hanif Ahmed who has relentlessly worked day and night to achieve this impossible thing in such a less amount of time.


Hanif Ahmed has previously worked with top companies and has a clear vision of garnering a startup of his own. Hanif Ahmed always wanted to do something on his own and this pandemic proved to be the right time for Hanif to build an eCommerce startup. He started his plans back in 2020 intending to set up an AI-driven eCommerce startup. To date, Hanif Ahmed’s Dhakajoy has risen over millions of funding and has successfully delivered millions of products in his native. The idea of eCommerce has always fascinated Hanif and thinking about building a startup of his own gave him immense pleasure. Dhakajoy to date stands to be like a son or a daughter to Hanif Ahmed which he garners and takes care of like a father takes care of a child.

Hanif Ahmed is the managing director of Dhakajoy which is a first-of-kind eCommerce store for the people of Bangladesh. Hanif Ahmed’s Dhakajoy has successfully delivered more than 1 million products to its customers during the last year. This had changed the eCommerce game as well. People have started praising their efforts and are also amazed by the fact that how a local company is giving tough competition to the eCommerce giants. Not only has these Dhakajoy also donated 1 million takas to the people deeply affected by COVID-19. People who have lost jobs are given Jobs in their firm according to their skills. Hanif Ahmed has employed more than 100 people for his Dhakajoy start-up. Not only he has created employment for them but also helped them out in this tough time.

Dhakajoy deals in Bikes, smartphones, Air Conditioners, Home Appliances, Baby products, groceries, healthcare, and other essential items. They operate with low delivery charges and are always ready to provide the best services possible. Even in this pandemic they worked without any fail and relentlessly delivered all items and needs to the public. Dhakajoy is a one-stop-shop for the public’s important needs. You can use the cash on the Delivery method or you can also go for the online payment methods like bKash, VISA, MasterCard, Amex card, Nexus pay, and Bank Deposit. Once you have placed the order they will deliver the order to your doorstep promptly.


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