Grit and Determination are the Cornerstones of Success, Per John Aaron

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The real estate industry is a challenging sector to succeed in for entrepreneurs. We have so many new and old companies competing in buying and selling properties.

John Aaron is one such big player in the real estate industry. He is the owner of a company called Aaron Organization. He has worked from a very young age to learn and establish his company and convert it into a successful venture.

Aaron was from a small town in Sebring, Florida. His hometown had limited opportunities of either working at a local hospital or getting a football scholarship. The scholarship would help in moving out of the town to a new city for a college education. He wanted to make a name for himself and be financially stable, so he moved to Miami, Florida. He started working as a real estate agent in a real estate company building his contacts and knowledge on how the industry operates. He had grit and determination to succeed in the real estate sector. Since the inception of his company, his team has flipped over 200 houses successfully over the years. They have also worked towards the renovation of single-family homes.

COVID-19 has affected many people and industries, including the real estate industry. Aaron made the most of this situation in the market and purchased distressed commercial assets affected by the pandemic. He would hold on to the assets till the markets improve and then flip it for a premium. He comments, “It is sad how the pandemic has affected people, but the situation has presented an opportunity for us to buy the properties at a lower price.”

The company also believes in having a healthy work culture for its employees. They have undertaken projects to develop commercial properties, thus enhancing the standard of living in the region. The COVID-19 situation has presented unique opportunities for the company to help grow society as well. They have worked towards creating a positive environment for the community by providing job opportunities to the locals in this challenging time. It has helped the company build a good name and reputation and in creating a sense of loyalty. 

New entrepreneurs should take note of an important piece of advice given by John Aaron – one should not only utilise the opportunities presented to profit but also contribute towards building a community.


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