Getting to Know Stella Nominated Producer Nate Jolley

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Following your passion can be one of the most challenging things. The road to achieving your dreams is daunting, and often you encounter various obstacles that may weigh you down. However, by pushing on even after failure, the journey is extremely rewarding. 

Nate Jolley has left no stone unturned in pursuit of his passion, and he is now living his dream. His story is a source of inspiration to many and shows us that even when we encounter difficulties, we can rise above them and reach our goals.

Popularly known by his stage name IMMPAAC, Nate is a producer, pianist, and drummer. He is the brains behind the top multimedia entertainment company, Lion Pack Music Group. Nate also doubles as a singer and songwriter. He has co-written and produced “We Up,” which debuted #7 on the R&B charts and “Must be Crazy,” among others.

According to Nate, getting into the music industry was a dream come true. He has always had a deep passion for art, more so song composing and production. His dad was an accomplished jazz guitarist who was among the first jazz graduates from Howard University. Growing up watching his father make timeless music, Nate was naturally drawn to music too.

Unfortunately, his dad’s dream was cut short, and he quit making music to provide for his family. While he was no longer composing songs, Nate’s dad spent that time sharing his skills and expertise with his children. As he learned more about the music world, Nate started creating songs, which later expanded into music production.Nate is the holder of a degree in jazz studies from Johns Hopkins University.

Together with his brother, who is a pianist, Nate is keeping his dad’s legacy alive. In 2011 the two joined hands to create a ten-track album dubbed Memoirs of Brothers. In the album, they thank their father for the effort and sacrifices he had to make to train them in music while relieving some of their childhood memories. Nate has also composed music for the Emmy award-winning film The Rehearsal and has worked with Fifth Harmony, Mya, and French Montana.

He notes that although the journey has not been smooth, and he has had his fair share of ups and downs, what kept him going was his love for both music and film production. Nate has created songs for movies such as StuckThrough Her Eyes, and Hair: A Documentary, where his music was nominated for the Best Song—Documentary Category.

“Never give up on your dreams and always stay focused,” says Nate. He adds that not everything will go as you planned, but that shouldn’t give you a reason to stop fighting for your passion. “Failure is only fatal if you let it and refuse to get back up,” says Nate.

He notes that if he hadn’t believed in his work and taken the first step, his present life would always have seemed like a faraway dream. His performance on his first tour when he was 13 years old in a jazz ensemble shaped his journey, opening more doors for the Stellar-nominated music producer.

As Nate Jolley continues to thrive, he is proof that, while it can be challenging to achieve your dreams, nothing is impossible. In the coming months, Nate and his team are working on an EP from talented singer-songwriter Carson Ferris. He says they also have a new single, “Porsche,” by social media influencer Runik as an exclusive NFT in partnership with Basscube, which will release soon.


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