Gentry Chidester’s Journey to Becoming the CEO of Elite Closers

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Not many have the self-belief and self-confidence to become what they choose to be in life. Yet, every other journey and story teaches us the importance of believing in your dreams and continuing to grow through every hardship you go through.

Such is the story of Gentry Chidester, the CEO of Elite Closers. He began his journey believing and working towards becoming a doctor. Gentry thought that becoming a doctor would be his pathway to financial freedom. However, life had different plans for him. When he realized that he was going to become a father at 21, his priorities changed.

From then onwards, he focused on improving his future child and wife’s life by working as hard as he could. Even though he had about 14 years of school remaining to become a doctor, he understood the value of the people in his life. He was not willing to miss out on his family for such a long period. It was the right decision to make, but it was a very difficult one. He began working two full-time jobs, which required him to work 18 hours every day, and there wasn’t a single day where he gave up.

Gentry worked as a phone rep for Comcast and an online health coach. Eventually, he was introduced to selling “high ticket coaching programs” online. He worked hard and kept himself moving in the right direction. His passion and effort eventually led him to increase his income by five times what he was previously earning. It’s remarkable to think how Gentry made this happen at such a young age while under the immense pressure of supporting his family.

Most of the people in our generation dread the very thought of supporting themselves and their respective families at such a young age. In their mid-twenties, people are generally focused on building themselves and their careers or sometimes barely surviving independently. So when someone like Gentry shares his story, it undoubtedly becomes an inspiring one for many.

After making the right decisions and understanding the actual pathway and journey to success, Gentry realized that he could have never achieved all this if he had become a doctor. However, his objectives and goals in life were different, and he was smart enough to give himself the chance to explore them well and eventually find something he could be successful doing.

Even though becoming a father and establishing his company were two of the biggest challenges he faced in life, Gentry still managed to come out even stronger. He considers convincing people a very challenging task, but he has now successfully worked through that problem.

Gentry Chidester is a proud father and considers himself extremely lucky to have been supported by someone like his beautiful wife, Andrea. Even though he is the CEO of Elite Closers, his family has been his most significant achievement. He aspires to achieve more and strives hard each day to get his company onto the Forbes 30 under 30 list. Gentry and his journey are inspiring to many who dare to dream and work hard to achieve those dreams.


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