General Rawan Barzani Rejects Violence in Kurdistan

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In a special press interview, General Rawan Idris Barzani, who is the commander of the First Brigade of the Special Military Forces of the Kurdistan Region, explained the critical situation that the Baghdad government is going through and mentioned that the Kurdistan government stands with all legitimate demands of the Iraqi people. Additionally, rejects any form of violence in the region.

To this day, the demonstrations are still continuing in Baghdad. General Rawan Barzani said the Baghdad demonstrations are an internal political situation specific to the current government. No one denies the existence of corruption and the rights of the people. “We stand with all legitimate demands, and we reject any form of violence in the region” General Rawan Barzani said.

General Rawan Barzani also mentioned the effects of the current situation in Baghdad on the region and said “What is happening today in Baghdad does not constitute a burden on Erbil only, but on most of the capitals surrounding Iraq. So, we hope that the Baghdad government will reach a compromise solution with the Iraqi people, and the corruption that has exhausted the country will be addressed”.

The political and military environment in Iraq is unstable, and the role of the United States is unclear. General Rawan Barzani explained the readiness of the Kurdistan Region to protect its internal and external security in the event of a new military war in the region.

“The United States of America or other developed countries support their allies with modern military technologies. As for the combat capabilities on the ground, this matter is related to the people of this nation. This matter can reflect on many of the countries that got military and logistical support from superpowers but were defeated. Military support from superpowers is an important matter that we do not deny, but it is not the basis that achieves victory on the ground” The Kurdish General Said.

General Rawan Barzani, played a great role in leading military operations against armed terrorist organizations in the region and defeating ISIS. He personally supervised the front-lines of combat against the Islamic state which extended for more than 100 Kilometers from the Mosul Dam to Sinjar.

To learn more about Rawan Barzani check out his Instagram, Facebook, or his website.


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