From the land of Paradise comes the tale of two poets.

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ARMYS’ OCEAN is out in the market now. The anthology compiled by Sundus a class 12th student from Kashmir and Shagun a class 11th student from Jammu is an ode to BTS from their fans popularly known as Armys. Both the compilers of the book belong to Jammu and Kashmir and are budding poets. Jammu and Kashmir over the times has given a number of poets and authors to the world who have made an impact on the literally world be it ‘Agha Shahid Ali’ or ‘Kalhan’ the famous 12th century historian. As for the compilers they’re just students aspiring to pursue different fields while keeping in touch with their passion for writing.

The book ARMYS’ OCEAN is their first anthology together and a dream come true for them, this is not just a book but an emotion for every Army out in the world. A journey of joining this BTS ARMY fandom. Army’s all around the world say that they never found BTS instead BTS found them when they needed someone to comfort them in life’s hardships. For every Army entering this fandom was a journey they’d never forget about. The book ‘ARMYS’ OCEAN’ chronicles the journey of 50 such Armys along with the two compilers of how they became Armys.The book is filled with emotions and experiences that are not heard of before. Armys all around the world not just consider themselves as armys but also as a huge family.

The name ARMYS’ OCEAN itself signifies the droplets (armys) collectively forming the ocean In this book you’ll find out why ARMY’S say that BTS found them. Whether it may be the comfort they got from BTS or the inspiration or one of the million things that we’re getting from each other. The book ultimately will let you know why these people chose BTS over anything else and how they embarked upon this decision. This anthology is a tribute from Armys to BTS with a hope to to tell stories, stories of them joining this fandom.

The fandom which ultimately became a family for every member to ever join it. The book itself is available on Amazon, Flipkart Google playstore etc. All the ARMYS and readers are requested to give the book a read and share their reviews of what they think about the book. It is a pleasure for the compilers as well as the co-authors to get your worthy feed back and time given to th book. Both Shagun and Sundus plan to make more anthologies about BTS and ARMY and are currently working on their second project ‘Pleaides in Blue Moana’ the book will chronicle the theme ‘How BTS helped people to overcome darkness and depression in their lives’. All interested people are welcomed to join their new built family of ‘SRMYS’. They will be providing more opportunities for writers in the future as well. All the interested people can DM them on Instagram at @sereinfleur._ @halcynation._ or the anthology page @armyscribbles._


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