From the Desk of the Chairman- Indian Skies to get Busier in 2022, WINAIR on the runway – CMD, SAMUEL RANJAN TIMOTHY

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2022 will be a landmark year for the Indian Aviation Industry after braving two turbulent years of the global pandemic. New airlines and old airlines in rebranded format will take to the skies. One such World’s First Parallel Airline Company ‘WINAIR’ has just Entered into an agreement with the subsidiary of the national carrier.

A parallel airline is a new concept that means utilizing an existing operator who has equipment (Aircraft, NOC, NSOP) and an operating permit. In short, the aircraft are leased utilizing their license and viable routes are planned. In other words, it is just like utilising the idle hours of the existing airlines. This is the first time in the world that such a module is being framed by an Indian.

The term ‘WINAIR’ means We Indian Nationals mentions Mr. Samuel Timothy, Chairman & Managing Director of Winair Aviation Private Limited. Commenting on the occasion he said “The Indian aviation story is all set to undergo a huge change in the coming year and the markets are going to grow faster than they were ever before. The growing number of airports, the increasing per capita income, and the fierce competition resulting in one of the lowest ticket prices globally has boosted the number of people travelling by air.”

The airline passenger business has returned to 85% of the pre-covid level and the air cargo business has recovered to 80%. Just like their global counterparts—The Indian fliers also look for low fares, friendly service, and nonstop trips. Mr. Winnie Kurup, CEO an aviation industry veteran who has 62+ years of experience and has held covenanted positions in various airlines such as Kuwait Airways, Singapore Airlines, Air India, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, American Airlines, Air Asiatic, World Aviation, and Air Slovakia will oversee the operations of WINAIR. Commenting on the occasion he said “The pandemic has forced airlines around the world to reassess their business models and become more focused. When the world changes, airlines must change with the world and this means that innovation and restructuring should accelerate. In India, we believe that WINAIR will be a catalyst for some airlines to change faster too. We strongly believe that the country has a dynamic environment for airlines and those who change will only be the winners in the game.”

Mr. Kurup, whose brainchild WINAIR will oversee the entire operations of WINAIR, the country’s first parallel airline along with Director, COO Dr.RK Sharma. The base for the airlines will be Hyderabad “ and it will operate on Hyderabad-Pune -Shirdi-Nagpur-Surat, Goa-Coimbatore – Mangalore-Cochin, Goa – Surat-Jaipur-Delhi routes. The aircrafts selected are ATR72-600 (72 seaters).

“By the virtue of this parallel approach, we could create a new system connecting cities and towns toeing in line with the present government concept of Make in India, Made in India. More viable routes could be planned in the future” said an excited young chairman Managing Director Mr.Samuel Timothy as he signed off for the moment.

For more information, feel free to connect atinfo@winairways.com


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