Drill 2021 & Beyond: Harsh Records’ “City” Pushes New Boundaries

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The streets of south London are proud of the efforts of its new breed of upcoming artists. The mainstream music industry in the United Kingdom has recently had a taste of two of the best hip-hop artists of our generation. Born in Jamaica, Dada Harsh and his blood brother Axe moved to the United Kingdom and are currently based in south London. Dada Harsh, the first to venture into music production and hip hop, influenced his younger brother into his dream career. Axe developed an interest in music that has proven to be suitable for Dada, judging the number of projects they collaborated on together. This duo is currently taking the United Kingdom by storm, and the sky is just but the limit.

What Motivates These Upcoming Giants?

Dada, who openly states his love for people and society, finds most of his motivation from music and his work. According to him, his greatest inspiration is having the chance to reach out to one human being. The presence of an audience inspires Dada Harsh to give his all in making the best music rhymes and lyrics. To him, changing a person’s life is the greatest reward he could ever achieve in his career. Indeed, it is never about the money because money comes and goes, but the impact we have in someone’s life is eternal.  

Dada and Axe agree with finding motivation in their work and declare that it makes them go the extra mile in their career. Even when they run out, the love of creating and entertaining gives them the energy to put in more work. The need to make something new, original and authentic energizes Dada and Axe to work even more hard in music production. Deep down, Dada knows, music that sells beyond borders is unique original music. The more individual effort you put into your music, the more the returns. In this case, the more lives they impact. In addition, a song with a video makes a better impact. Why? Because the video also provides an avenue for an artist to pass his message and create.

Fresh Hit in the ‘City’

The duo has recently released their music ‘City,’ which also has a video produced by the one and only Eric Myers and Mr. Chinsman through Mediaworx. GRM Daily released the video on the website and all media outlets. In the video, Dada and Axe show us a part of their daily lifestyle in south London. For comments and inquiries, feel free to check out Dada Harsh on Instagram. You can also click here to connect to Axe.


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