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Dr. Bobbi Peterson: This Dentist Is Raising Oral Health Awareness, One Video at a Time!

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Dr. Bobbi Peterson is one of three black female orthodontists with a practice located in Brooklyn. In addition, Dr. Bobbi is the only black female orthodontist in New York City who owns her practice building.

Alongside all the incredible work she does at her practice, Aces Braces, Dr. Bobbi is dedicated to raising oral health awareness. “Many people fail to understand the importance of oral health. Having unhealthy teeth will not only make your smile less attractive, but it will also harm your overall health,” Dr. Bobbi explains.

According to Dr. Bobbi, improper oral hygiene most often results in gum disease. The bacteria that causes gum disease and inflammation can then enter the bloodstream and travel to the heart, leading to many heart conditions. Inhaling bacteria from infected teeth and gums over a long period can also lead to respiratory infections, as well as pneumonia. According to the latest research, gingivitis bacteria from the mouth can enter the brain through nerve channels or the bloodstream, possibly leading to Alzheimer’s disease.

In order to raise oral health awareness, Aces Braces sponsors free orthodontic evaluations on the first Tuesday of the month. “At Aces Braces, we strive to give back to the community as much as possible. We host free evaluations to encourage people to go to the dentist’s office and keep their oral health in check. When they come, we make sure that their appointment is as pleasant as possible, and we always try to educate them on the importance of oral health,” Dr. Bobbi says.

Dr. Bobbi also volunteers in community schools and teaches both the students and the staff about the importance of dental health, even providing free screenings to middle school students. “One of the reasons why people neglect their oral health and skip dental checks is because nobody taught them when they were younger how important it is. We at Aces Braces try to teach younger students that there is nothing scary about going to the dentist and that they should do it every six months for their own good,” Dr. Bobbi says.

Dr. Bobbi also leverages the power of social media to provide informational and educational content to her followers. She prefers posting videos in which she explains the importance of oral healthcare or the proper way to brush and care for the teeth. For example, in one of her videos, Dr. Bobbi explained the significance of a proxy brush and how to use it properly.

“Social media gives me the power to reach thousands of young and bright minds who may not be aware of the importance of oral health,” Dr. Bobbi says. “A lot of younger patients who come to my office say that they found me thanks to Instagram. Even though I wasn’t sure whether my content would be effective, now I know that I’m raising oral health awareness one video at a time.”

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