Do side hustles ensure a financially secure future? – Answers Jonathan Kvicky

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Having only one primary source of income is a medieval concept now. Side hustles ensure greater income and warranty for a better future. This is exactly what Jonathan Kvicky preaches. He believes change is essential for upgrading in life and this is why people should opt-out of the traditional way of securing one job for life sustenance. It’s always better to have multiple sources of income in these unpredictable times. He is a Serial Entrepreneur, Senior Software Engineer, and a Tech Investor. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California. The 32-year-old works primarily for Sony PlayStation as the Senior Software Engineer.

The ongoing COVID Pandemic which is ravaging globally is the best example of how unpredictable times turn everything upside down. It has resulted in job uncertainty for newcomers and a high unemployment rate. This is why people had to find alternate sources of income.  Millennials and people have mostly turned to freelance, gig-working, and portfolio-careers, to secure their future and earn their livelihood.

“It’s a form of evolution that’s taking place in today’s world,” Quoted Kvicky. He believes that there are countless opportunities for people who wish to become financially self-sufficient and pave the way for greater income. The estimated pros outnumber the cons and risks. Thus, he believes that there is no reason as to why people should not side hustle.

Kvicky stepped into the business Industry at the mere age of 18. He started an online PR Firm and this was his first own business. Since then, he has gone on to start numerous successful business firms. Even now when he is already extremely successful, Kvicky has not stopped side hustles. The thirty-two-year-old still works on new side jobs in his off-hours, while working as a full-time Senior Software Engineer. This portrays his hardworking nature. Kvicky’s most recent achievement is earning a revenue of over 1 million from a $20,000 trading investment. He did this in less than a year which is quite an achievement. Currently, He is sharing his mantra and journey towards success with newcomers and other people to motivate and boost their confidence. 

Kvicky went on to explain the pros of side hustles:

●Extra money: Side hustles are an alternative source of earning money and thus increases your purchasing power and savings value.

●Dream career: Side hustles present you with a vast range of opportunities and one of them might turn out to be your true passion.

●No risk: Due to the growing digital industry, people have become more welcoming towards the concept of earning through side hustles. Thus, there is negligible risk involved.

Jonathan Kvicky is truly inspirational!


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