DJ Smiles Is the Touring DJ Taking Over the World One Smile at a Time

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The days when career choices were limited to a few conventional streams are long gone. Exponential growth has been observed in the music and entertainment sector, and career options in the industry have gained fame among the younger generation. They are exposed to social media culture, thus giving them numerous opportunities to unleash their creativity and pursue it as their career.

DJing arises as one of the most profitable careers in the music and entertainment industry. They are the heart and soul of every celebration; whether in the club or at private parties, it would be incomplete without a dance floor and a DJ spinning their mysticism with their music collection. The profession comes with several benefits, like allowing you to convert your passion into a career. If you do this, you will undoubtedly rise to stardom, gain a celebrity profile, and glamor and fun will follow. As a DJ, you are your own boss; you get to set your own rules and do what you like, thus allowing you to unleash your creativity. A DJ is a performing artist and an entertainer at the same time. Networking is yet another essential aspect of DJing. 

Jibri Petroske, popularly known by the stage name DJ Smiles, is a touring DJ and creative director based in Atlanta. He was born and raised in Iowa and has loved music his entire life, which motivated him to become a DJ. Jibri always looked up to music gurus like the late prolific street activist Nipsey Hussle. He thinks of music as something that can influence the globe and stimulate moods in listeners despite where they come from (background/location). DJ Smiles is always smiling, and that’s where he got his stage name. 

DJ smiles is the touring DJ taking over the world one smile at a time! He is incredibly skilled in combining music and controlling his audience. This unique character drew the attention of big-name artists like Lil Durk, Polo G, and Yo Gotti. He later moved to Atlanta and continues to shine. He forms strong bonds and excites his audience wherever he performs, giving them a remarkable experience.

Several big-name artists took it upon themselves to support him on his way to the top and traveled with him around the globe. He toured with Chicago’s Polo G during his

Hall of Fame Tour. Lil Poppa accompanied them, and DJ Smiles could not have been happier to share the stage with them. He looks forward to gaining more fans as he will be more involved in tours and be part of an upcoming mega summer tour.

Hailing from Iowa was a significant disadvantage to DJ Smiles as there was no major music scene, and he had to do many things alone. “I do my own videos,” DJ Smiles shares.  

DJ Smiles’s advice is to keep grinding and never be scared or intimidated by doing anything alone. You should jump out there and swim, and you will get there. DJ Smiles urges you to stay pure in all your undertakings, and the universe will give everything back tenfold. He aspires to become one of the biggest DJs and a significant artist who takes over the social media scene. 


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