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Founder: Kishan Grish ● January 13th, 2022.

In any business or work that we do, it is important to have a voice and a story to tell because that is what defines the foundation of a company. This is what determines the initial bond between a company and its clients. Similarly, the story of FyerX, a startup marketing company in Bangalore ought to grab our attention.

FyerX is a marketing firm for all businesses, they specialize in focusing on what they can provide best, impact of their work on organizations and their responsiveness while also engaging themselves in educating customers about best digital practices. They are a team of enthusiastic and talented designers, developers and digital marketers who utilize top notch technology and software to create, advise and implement advert plans for their clients across various digital platforms.

The founder of FyerX, Kishan Grish is an IT engineer who graduated from PSG College of Technology in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. His interests in business and management have encouraged him to pursue his MBA from Christ University, a well reputed university in Bangalore, Karnataka. Although he is an IT graduate, his keenness on establishing his own marketing firm was his first priority. This marked the rise of FyerX. His intentions are simple, to give firms the best advertising experience and increase their target audiences.

In a generation where youths are the face of startup companies, Kishan Grish is one such confident and determined youngster who is bent upon building an excellent marketing and advertising company that will help businesses and firms reach their full marketing potential, thus increasing the firms’ chances of reaching a greater audience across various channels. Kishan Grish has fixed his energy in building an agency that focuses on communicating, creating and developing content that helps companies to clearly convey what they want to offer to their customers.

Marketing and advertising have gone through diverse evolutions and it has become a vital part of every company now. Since the 20th century there has been a rapid increase in marketing agencies and this is because to stay at the top of the pyramid companies need to promote their products creatively to grab the audience’s attention. In the 21st century amongst many promoting methods we find that search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM) have gained great prominence. Companies have improved their social media contents and have hired SEO analysts to increase their company’s visibility on social and digital platforms.

FyerX understands the need for these present modes of advertising and provides just that. Their services also include Branding, UI and UX design, Email Marketing, Web Design and Development, Video Marketing and Storytelling, Reputation Management, Content Writing and Marketing along with SEO and SMM.

With around 18 clients, 40+ projects and around 15+ team members they expertise in various marketing services through great commitment and value for the client’s investments. With some passion, crazy and determination FyerX will make marketing endeavors of its clients a success.


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