Digital Gabbar is encouraging individuals to shape a better career in digital marketing: Rohit Mehta

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Career profiles undergo a drastic change every few decades. As technology seeps in, rudimentary work designations get chopped out fast. As an individual in your early twenties, it is imperative that you work towards shaping a career that won’t become obsolete in the coming years.

Digital Gabbar is helping the youth to shape a robust and rewarding career in digital marketing by facilitating access to accurate and deep information about the same. It is an effort by Rohit Mehta to instil confidence in the youth of the country and help them craft a beautiful career out of it.

About Rohit Mehta Digital Gabbar

An established digital marketing professional himself, Rohit Mehta has worked with numerous brands and digital marketing firms to build bankable digital marketing campaigns that have amassed a huge audience along with a boost in sales. He is adept at devising strategies that don’t just bring clicks but also result in conversions, which are the actual intention behind a digital marketing campaign.

With enough experience and knowledge about digital marketing, Rohit Mehta executed his next plan of educating eager individuals about the know-how of digital marketing. Thousands of users have taken a shine to the platform, which now experiences overwhelming traffic only because it provides some useful information rather than the fluff that most blogs write about digital marketing.

Rohit Mehta says, “Information availability is the only factor impeding you from success. Back when I started, the information about this industry was scarcely available. So, I had to put a lot of time and effort into making my deductions using the hit and trial method. That consumed a lot of my time and I don’t want the same to happen to our country’s youth who have their whole lives ahead of us. Digital marketing is an inseparable entity, any industry you name is implementing some form of digital marketing strategy. So it indeed is a career of the future. You don’t have to wander here and there or shell out money for those exorbitant courses that have little information and exasperating blabber by inexperienced individuals. Digital Gabbar has got you covered.”

Rohit Mehta is a notable name in the digital marketing industry but his roots go deep within the IT industry too. Rohit Mehta has successfully amalgamated his knowledge of computers and technology with digital marketing services. He recently launched his. Ext startup, Indian Gabbar that is essentially a digital OR platform aimed at directing spotlight to deserving individuals.

The work on Indian Gabbar began soon after Digital Gabbar was established and now both of these start-ups by Rohit Mehta are flourishing while serving a purpose to the youth. In his spare time, Rohit Mehta loves to jot down his experiences, predictions and expectations from the digital marketing industry. He is a proficient author who has published six books related to digital marketing and relevant industries. His books are bilingual because he aims his knowledge to be accessible by a most individual who speaks at least one language.


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