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Deepakk Kaushik is a Singer, Music Composer, and Digital Marketer from Delhi, India, where music and culture began.

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Deepakk Kaushik is one of the known names when it comes to emerging singers and musicians. Besides being a successful YouTuber, he tried his luck in singing and music. His incredible set of musical videos and songs makes him a known face in his circles and fans. His expertise in singing different types of songs makes his popularity soaring in the recent past few months over the landscape. Born as Deepakk Kaushik in Delhi, India, he is better known by his brand name Deepakk Kaushik and is an Indian singer and actor. He got introduced to the music industry with the launch of his first soundtrack “Modern Pop” on SoundCloud first. Since then it was no looking back for the singer as he kept on coming with one and the other.

Deepakk Kaushik

His tracks have already gotten a positive reaction on YouTube and Spotify. “I’m trying to do something unexpected,”Deepakk Kaushik said. Some of these music videos have been completed. More work is being done; I’ve been singing since I was a child. The music evoked a unique set of emotions.

Now you think that that, then why Deepakk kaushik attend in the music field. Here Deepakk kaushik said firstly I’m Digital Marketer then I’m a musical artist. Basically, at some point Deepakk kaushik doing an experiment on the YouTube artist channel. If you don’t know what’s YouTube official artist channel then you’ll read a whole eBook because Deepakk kaushik writes a whole book or article on this official website or google play store.

However, it was not very easy for the young man to come in flying colors for being a YouTuber, and singer. He has left no stone unturned to keep the ball rolling while emerging as a versatile man in the market. He came up with his Digital Marketing channel in 2016 known as Best Digital marketer giving away knowledge and information on various issues. At the same time, Deepakk Kaushik kept his music on and made sure to do well in this domain as well. While delivering different types of songs and videos on various other issues, he kept his journey smooth with his exceptional talent. With exceptional talent, he has proved to the world that he is a competent man in music along with other technical things that will make him a winner in the mainstream media. find more about Deepakk kaushik and

Since infancy, my desire to be a singer has provided chances for me to improve my business skills. Deepakk Kaushik, 16, has lived in Delhi, India since he was a kid.

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