Dave Sidhu’s Contribution on Punjabi Film Industry and Influence on Politics in India

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Dave Sidhu is an Indian born Australian filmmaker, activist and lawyer. Sidhu is India’s well-known face. He has worked with the production and directing team of the dope super hit films like ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ and ‘Anaconda’.

In his 10 years(and continued) film career, he has been a part of 11 films as an actor or director in Punjabi, Bollywood and Hollywood film and television Industries. He has made several documentaries and short films. His contribution to the film industry is inevitable. 

Sidhu was born on 2nd November 1986 in Barnala, Punjab. His age is 35 years(at the time of writing the article) Dave has started his film career with the Punjabi film Ramta Jogi which was produced by the best 80s actor of Bollywood Dharmendra under his label Vijayta Films. 

His 1st film Ramta Jogi was a super hit, earning more than 100 Cr on the box office. Anil Kapoor was also featured in that film. He has done a cameo in a music video in the movie. Singers like AR Rehaman have also worked with him. 

He has also worked (directed) in several documentaries, short films and music videos including 2 hours movies. His music video Khali Botlaan has been viewed by more than 400 thousand times on youtube and more than 500 thousand times all over the internet.

Some of the most popular documentaries directed by him are Mirza, Teaser, Haalat, Dhoonman, etc. 

In the reports, it was found out that his net worth is over US$10M which excluded villas in Australia, Delhi, Mumbai and Punjab.

He went into governmental issues in 2019 he had arranged and executed the mission for BJP MP Sunny Deol. He was near radiant Deol. There was a snippet that Sidhu had shown some evidence to show the connection between BJP and RSS with the Farm Law bill protest. Afterwards, Dave himself has denied the claim against him.

He was arrested on 2021, January 26 for instigating farmers that led to the red fort protest, which was originally a non-violent protest. The cash prize of 1 Lakhs was for him. He was arrested in Zirakpur after having dodged the police.

He was accused by the farmers, a betrayer. Farmers were saying he was telling all the private information of farm meetings to BJP top leaders. This violent act weakens the protest. Sidhu denied this claim too in a Facebook video. 

Keeping the political views on the side, look in his glory hole. He has got several titles. During his college time, he was charismatic guise, he won the titles of ‘Kingfisher Model Hunt’, ‘Grasim Mr Personality’ and ‘Grasim Mr Talented’

 He was nominated as the best debut director in the Punjabi film industry. 

He is the richest Punjabi director. However, he was captured eating Vada Pav from a cycle vendor near his set. In an interview, he mentioned that Vada Pav is his favourite dish. He can eat Vada Pav with Lassi throughout his life.


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