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Dark Horse drops Rhyme Monster!

1 Mins read

Rewari based Rapper Dark Horse released his latest track titled ‘Rhyme Monster’ and it is doing really good in the underground music community.

Already above 50K+ Views and shared/loved by all the Hip Hop Heads in North India, this track is set to make waves and get the artist his due recognition. Dark Horse has a very witty sense of lyricism, he has sharp punchlines and his fast paced flow woos the listeners and leaves them asking for more. His song lays the same effect.

He defines his style of rap as something different and his approach is super unique. Often spot chilling with the likes of Lil Golu, Boom Shiva Immortals – he’s already popular amongst the artists. Seems like he’s gonna bring a lot to the table. Everyone is waiting for it, are you?

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