Exuding sheer talent, passion, drive, resilience, and tenacity is an multi-faceted music professional, Novan. 

One constant thing that we have observed over the years has been the emergence of young talents across varied fields and businesses. The exuberance of youth has never let us down and has always shown great levels of promise and potential. With many new young age entrepreneurs flooding the current markets, there have been an equal rise in number of artists and professionals entertaining mass audiences with their amazing talent and thrill. Music industry too has witnessed great loads of talented artists that have made huge progress entertaining millions across the globe. The talent has been in abundance and the markets have reciprocated in many ways to help many budding artists create a special niche and place for themselves in the wide industry. We saw one emerging music artist hustling his way to the top by enthralling all audiences through his singing and unique music craft – Novan. 

The young talent from Tehran, Iran, Mohammad Asgari aka Novan. Grew-up with the only passion and desire to become a singer and a music artist. He polished his music craft to master his blessed skills. Within no time he built himself as a pro music artist with extremely mesmerizing voice which is the strongest asset of Novan. He has already catered the industry and millions of audience’s massive songs, in which – Berim darya, Mage mishe, Fereshtey, Khiaboonaye shahr, Dosam dari, Ajab baroonieh, Eshgham salam, Karma, and many more. These are block buster hits and still in the top list chart of the songs. The young music artist has established his own unique place in the hearts of his massive fans, his listeners and industry. 

Novan music skills and perfect knowledge of beats and rhythms with a soulful voice has made him the promising future of music industry which will keep on working hard with determination of creating songs that entertain his millions of audience’s utmost. Now exploring widely on the social platform for his melodious voice and music craft with more than 750 subscribers on his YouTube channel and more than 240K followers on Instagram. This enhances his success as an artist!

For more details, do follow him on Instagram @novan.music and also visit his YouTube channel- https://music.youtube.com/channel/UC__r7TIq4eoB0q1ub6UOh8g

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