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COVID-19 Prompted the Evolution of Digital PR Outsourcing – Digital Nod

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COVID-19 is driving change throughout the business world. The way people work in industries across the globe is changing rapidly due to the pandemic. The pandemic brought with it many changes, including the evolution of digital PR outsourcing. With that in mind, Digital Nod has kept itself ahead of the curve.

Before coronavirus cases peaked worldwide, several businesses and brands had already understood the growing importance of going digital. The pandemic made this more of a necessity rather than a choice. Brands and businesses that outsourced digital PR continued to sustain and even bloom amidst the pandemic. Digital Nod CEO Karishhma Mago added, “Digital PR outsourcing underwent a transformation. It became a far more convenient, economical, and effective alternative to traditional methods during the pandemic. The numbers indicated a clear story.”

Of course, a paradigm shift towards digitization was already taking place before COVID-19 swept the globe. However, the pandemic had disrupted the contingency plans of many organizations that didn’t consider digital PR outsourcing an option. They were forced to rethink the traditional ways in which they used to do business.

Karishhma explained, “It has slowly become clear that embracing technology to ensure business security is the way forward. Those outsourcing core business functions, including marketing, are already well ahead of the curve.”

Moreover, most businesses don’t have in-house staff with the expertise to handle digital PR. It doesn’t matter if you are part of a small start-up or manage an organization with 50+ employees. Attempting to tackle digital PR can be a difficult road. Marketing and PR are complex and nuanced disciplines. Outsourcing to digital PR experts allows new and exciting ideas to flow throughout the company while generating brand growth.

During the pandemic, brands and businesses struggled to stay relevant and afloat. Digital PR proved to be an effective and powerful way to connect with an essentially locked-down audience. Working remotely with a qualified digital PR team proved easier than ever with team collaboration and cloud meeting tools like Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, or RingCentral. Although some claim the world is now post-pandemic, much certainty remains. What remains constant is businesses’ need to market their services and goods while maintaining a good reputation. In today’s unpredictable market, digital PR outsourcing remains one of the most critical tools in your company’s arsenal. After all, change truly is the only constant.

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