Cool 2Be Conscious Is Here to Provide a Roadmap to Becoming Your Best Self

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One of the greatest gifts you can grant yourself is just being yourself. It helps you identify who you truly are and allows you to make those positive changes you have been dreaming of. You could be more proactive and productive and have a more optimistic approach toward life.

Founded by Ru Mackenzie and Ryan Hubbard, Cool 2Be Conscious, or C2BC, is a global movement creating space for people to connect and grow together. C2BC is here to give people the permission, inspiration, and road map to express themselves fully. The brand believes that’s where true freedom and peace are found. Essentially, C2BC is a movement that supports anyone ready to level up and step into a life they truly desire.

At present, C2BC is located in Australia, but plans are underway to expand globally, with the target first to establish its presence in the USA. They want to elevate the consciousness of humankind, leading to a more compassionate and loving world—the go-to place for a simple understanding of how to optimize living a more fulfilled and abundant life. C2BC takes pride in being fully embodied in teaching others to be authentic, to be genuine, and to serve something so much greater than themselves. They are also cool, fun, and up with the times, making it easy for them to work with anyone. Most importantly, C2BC has mastered the art of building trust and how to change people’s lives for the better.

According to Ru and Ry, the C2BC founders who are great philanthropists advocating for people to be themselves, you can only live your dreams the minute you choose to be yourself. They also believe that the successful people out there have become the people they are today largely because they’ve identified who they are and their purpose in life, and that’s how their dreams came to life.

So far, they have impacted over a million lives, creating ripple effects across Australia and New Zealand. C2BC will be making its way over to the USA in 2022, expanding and growing rapidly. Since its establishment, C2BC has grown incredibly and, at the moment, has over 60 facilitators representing the movement. In less than 12 months, they have grown a nationwide community and will soon be across New Zealand. They are also developing and launching their first line of conscious products to assist people to live more conscious lifestyles.

In the future, C2BC aims to connect with world leaders in this space and share this movement with the world. C2BC is not limiting itself to just breath work, meditation, and community. The brand is expanding into all forms of wellness sessions, including running clubs, fitness training, yoga, and other areas.

Trained facilitators will operate with the C2BC brand to help build their community, and the sessions will start with connection and finish with a simple C2BC daily breathwork practice. This keeps the movement available to the masses and doesn’t corner it into a small niche of breathwork or meditation. They also see their brand as the gateway to an inner understanding that leads to a more fulfilling, fun, and productive life.


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