Chris Cole Talks About FinTech Education

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FinTech is changing the world, but few people understand all of its benefits. Chris Cole came from extreme poverty, where he had no formal training and no mentor. But through his own personal training, he has made financial trading available to everyone.

As President of Bridging Wealth Opportunities, Chris is educating people on information that is typically only found in privileged and private sectors. He also teaches empowering mindsets that enable his clients to tap into their potential and habits of execution. Chris believes God created him for a purpose, and he is living out that purpose. “My favorite saying is ‘you can’t argue with results.’ It’s not easy but nothing worthwhile is. Those who are ready for a change and ready to put in the work will find me and my company at the right time,” says Chris Cole.

Chris is a powerpreneur, with full or partial ownership in more than 12 businesses. He has the first Black owned forex and cryptocurrency trading exchange, and he is the creator of the top NFT trading marketplace. Chris is also recognized by Futures and Truth Magazine as one of the top retail traders in the world. Even with the tremendous success he has achieved, Chris knows that God wouldn’t allow him to even think it if it were impossible.

For Chris, the best way for clients to learn is to operate on transparency. He trades with a live account, with real money in real time, explaining everything that is happening along the way. “One piece of advice to someone just starting is to learn to embrace the unknown. It is in our own expansion of thought and experience that our roots begin to deepen and we start to bear the fruit we are capable of,” says Chris Cole.

Chris attributes his life to allowing God to lead him. He doesn’t put his faith in religion, but in God, who promises to guide him on a daily basis.


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