Chris Clemenza: Young Businessmen using his skills in multiple streams like Music , Clothes and much more.

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In the digital era, life is not easy for entrepreneurs and business mogul. Every top name around is managing multiple businesses. Out of that top business mogul, we came across one gem of a buzzing high in the Music industry and various business streams named Chris Clemenza.

Chris Clemenza is a thriving young entrepreneur, a talent who is buzzing high with his solid talent. He started his career in 2017 at the tender age of 17, where he was doing artist management work and brand development. He started with a bang as his first two artists whom he managed were King Dave and Squidnice.

In 2018 he decided to expand his reach and started a company with Squidnice’ Nice Entertainment’. They soon immediately added to their roster, signing Bobby Niece and Smacc Nice from New York City. In no time ‘Nice Entertainment’ started to gain a massive name in the music industry due to hard work and talent of both young artist and visionaries Chris Clemenza and his partner. It was rated as most promising up-starts at the time in 2018.

In two years, he learned many new things, and he started to expand more and more with his skills. Today he is A&R, studio owner (Nice Studios), clothing brand owner (Nice Clothing), and still, of course, manages his artists and brands under ‘Nice Entertainment.’ Ufff! This entrepreneur has grown a lot in just a couple of years. He is becoming a self-made entrepreneur, a businessman who influences others to do the best in their life.

Chris’ life growth is the best example for entrepreneurs who cannot find their way in life. Top personalities like Chris Clemenza are an example of how to grow in multiple streams and utilise your strength in the right direction.

Here’s wishing Chris Clemenza top Under 25 top Entrepreneur of the world all the best for his future ventures. We are sure he is going to influence many more with his business growth.

You can follow next-gen businessmen Chris Clemenza on his IG @ChrisClemenza.


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