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 “The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.”

Kaleb Mickens, better known as Cash Cartier has become a young and very successful entrepreneur with more than 4 years of network marketing experience. His ability to help people achieve success has turned him into one of the top producers throughout the entire industry of network marketing. He aims to further expand his business, inspire and assist those who want to become leading entrepreneurs.

Cash Cartier, currently leads a very large movement in the network marketing industry with a story that has made him very influential. He grew up playing football and competed in the Indoor Football League (IFL) for several years. After that he ended up in a slump, going into large amounts of debt while also bussing tables at a restaurant at the age of 22. He then redirected his focus and passion and entered the business world. Cash Cartier started his career as an entrepreneur with very humble beginnings and little business knowledge, but his passion and commitment has led him to grow into a very successful entrepreneur today. Cash first started gaining traction with his business in the United States, where he began to help lead and mentor one of the biggest cultural movements within his company called Walking ATMS. Cash’s protege founded the Walking ATMs in which the two of them and several others have now expanded their movement across the globe. The Walking ATMS movement aims to help people around the world educate themselves within the financial markets.

Cash’s innate ability to create culture has turned him into a momentum catalyst within the network marketing industry. In which he has been able to lead the industry by producing over 4 million dollars of revenue in annual sales for his company. This has gained him global recognition and launched him into one the top .05% of income earners in the world. He is quickly becoming an icon in the network marketing industry in which he currently leads a sales team of over 3,000 customers and distributors worldwide.


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