Brittney Jones shares the various challenges she faced while making it huge as a digital entrepreneur and online business coach.

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Her company Brittney Jones CEO is changing the game in social media and business and providing the success that people and businesses seek.

Who said ever that life will always be about happiness and sunshine? Well, it also depends majorly on how people look at things, what is their mindset and how they wish to overcome the same. Almost all the success stories of today that we know were not made overnight. People have had their share of struggles, but what made most of them going was their strong self-belief and a courageous attitude that helped them fight their struggles and overcome them all. Brittney Jones serves as one of the finest examples of the same, who began with nothing in her hands, but the one who saw the potential in Instagram and started everything from scratch to earn her deserved position in the entrepreneurial world as a social media marketing expert and business coach.

Today, Brittney Jones is more than what meets the eye. She is a sought-after social media marketing entrepreneur, business coach, speaker, mentor and a leader to a community of thousands of female entrepreneurs. Do you think she achieved all of this quite easily? Then, let us tell you, all the success she is enjoying today came to her after she faced the many downs in life, where once she even struggled in the traditional job setting, but soon realized there was much more waiting for her in life, which she needs to discover and since that point, everything changed for her. She found her peace in building her Instagram account and unlocked ways through which she could create beautiful feeds and enthral people by writing clever captions. This attracted fellow female entrepreneurs, who now wanted her to change the game for them. That’s what Brittney Jones did and is now thriving online businesses and how.

Talking about the challenges she faced, the young talent says, initially her age was a challenge, where she felt she had to prove something because of her age, where many entrepreneurs had even attempted to push her around with their business experience. Some clients even took advantage of her relentless hard work and diligence for their own good, but when Brittney Jones realized this, she stood her ground and parted ways with them. Brittney Jones mentions that it was her parents and close family’s support that helped her in these times and also the coaches/mentors and the friends she earned in the industry. 

Even after the many hurdles she faced in her path, Brittney Jones is proud of the fact, she became what she wanted to, an influential personality and business coach who knows how to be a helping hand to help the entrepreneurs up.

Don’t miss out on knowing more about her and her business, and follow her on Instagram @brittneyceo or visit the website, https://www.brittneyjonesceo.com/.


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