Best Colleges to Learn Astrology in India with Ace Astro Numerologist Sidhharrth S Kumaar

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In the current time, the astrology as an academic course and profession has seen a resurgence.

People from across age groups and academic backgrounds have developed interest in the science and is doing wonders in the same.

Astrology may be defined in simplest manner as study of the positions and movements of the stars and planets and the way that some people believe they affect people and events.

In my personal view, Astrology is a way to live life; it is a way to transform human ecosystem and re-evolve the lifestyle.

In this series of write up, I will be talking about what is takes to learn astrology and from where to learn.

Learning Astrology requires three important pillars and each of these pillars are equally important in the journey.

The three pillars of learning astrology can be visualized as three legs of a three-leg stool, where each leg is equally important and any defect in any one leg may affect complete balance of stool.

Three Important Pillars of Learning Astrology (any occult science)

  1. Knowledge
  2. Practice & Observation
  3. Intuition (Divine Blessing)

All these three important pillars are tied together by determination & will power of learning and supplemented by destiny of learner.


  • This is the first step ladder of this journey, and this can be gained from teachers, institutes, and books.
  • Quite often, a healthy blend of all these is essential to strike a good balance.
  • The learning journey is most often needed to be personalized as per requirement and learning needs of learner.

Best Colleges to Learn Astrology in India

India is a land where the science has been run into families for generations and numerous people have learnt it from ancestors. For newer people, who are first generation to enter this journey of astrology, below mentioned are best colleges to read astrology as per my view and time-tested history associated with them.

  1. Sampurnanand Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya, Varanasi
  2. National Sanskrit University, Tirupati
  3. Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri National Sanskrit University, New Delhi
  4. Central Sanskrit University, New Delhi
  5. Banaras Hindu University

In addition to college, it is essential to have a personal mentor/guru who can guide personally and be in constant touch to offer you advise and direction at every point in this journey.

Patience is key in this journey and being patient in this learning journey rewards with sweeter fruits.

Practice & Observation

The first ladder, knowledge contributes 30% in this journey. The Next 30% is contributed by self-practice and observation. It is essential to practice and apply the learning on real time cases and have keen eye and attention to detail for every pattern being encountered in this journey.

Intuition (Divine Blessings)

Until now, we have talked about 60% of pie; the next 30% is contributed by Intuition and this is very essential to give a shaped & direction to previous 60%. A general myth is one need to take sannyasa or go to mountain to attain this, however many greats of modern-day world has successfully proven that this can be achieved in family life as well. However, one just need to move in right direction with believe and patience.

These three pillars contribute, 90% of the journey of learning occult sciences (astrology), the final 10% is contributed by will power, zeal, determination, and destiny of person to use this god gifted treasure.


Learning is an ever long journey and in the domain of occult sciences, being and every long learner and divine blessings make wonders and transform human life from being normal to being special.

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