Best Ad Networks For Gambling Advertisements

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The gambling industry is one of the most fruitful and challenging industries in the world from a business point of view. It is projected that the online gambling industry will grow at a CAGR of 6.20%, reaching a market volume of US$136.30 bn by 2029. Now, you might get the point that we are saying that this industry is fruitful. Now, coming to the major challenge. Many old ad networks like Google Ads put heavy restrictions on gambling advertisements, which puts a hurdle in front of the gambling advertisers seeking to promote 

Are you an advertiser looking to promote online gambling but struggling to find suitable ad networks? Many ad networks refuse to work with online casinos. But don’t worry; as an advertiser, you still have a chance to showcase your gambling platform around the permitted GEOs. 

This blog will reveal the top gambling ad networks, their strengths, targeting options, and ad formats. Understanding these networks allows you to place your gambling advertisements and maximize your ROI strategically. So, readers, join us as we explore the best ad networks for gambling ads in 2024. 

So, Why Do You Need Gambling Advertisements? 

Let’s take you back to earlier times when people used to go to offline casinos to try their luck. They gathered in one place and played gambling games like “Blackjack” and “Cash Machines.” As time passes, the world is witnessing the digital era, which means gamblers now prefer the online mode and play online casinos in their comfort zone. So, why do businesses need gambling advertisements? The answer is simple. The gambling industry is fierce, and it is not easy for the online gambling platform to run its operation without effective online gambling advertising. 

Benefits Of Online Gambling Advertisements

Online gambling adverts offer amazing benefits to businesses who choose digital ads over traditional ads for the promotion of their gambling platforms; 

1) Increased Reach- The growth of the online gambling business depends upon the registration rate of the new players. If the registration rate is low, it means gambling digital ads effort is not going on the right path. Consistent online gambling advertisements help businesses showcase their offerings to the new market where many new players can join their platform, which automatically increases the conversion rate for the businesses. 

2) Popularity- If you live in a particular GEO where gambling is legal, which platform is popular in your area? You will take the name of a gambling platform that you heard about recently through gambling advertisements. This is one of the major benefits that gambling platforms get from consistent online ads. It pastes the name of your gambling brand in the minds of the viewers so they can choose your platform over rivals when they look to play online gambling games. 

3) Improves Credibility- There are many online gambling platforms in the market, so what does it mean that customers can choose all of them? No, the customer will choose only that platform that succeeds in winning their trust through online gambling advertisements. If you strategically craft your online gambling ads and include all the things that are important for your target audience, like the Variety Of Games, Terms & Conditions, Offers & Promotions, etc., then it can help you improve your credibility in the market. 

4) Boost Sales- Online gambling ads work like a sales assistant for the business. It captures the attention of online gamblers and whispers in their ears, ” Are you looking for the best gambling platform? Join our platform and enjoy the rainfall of amazing games and bonuses.” It helps businesses by driving them to the online gambling platform and motivates them to add money to try their luck in a particular gambling game. By doing this, it converts viewers into loyal customers and boosts sales for the businesses. 

5) Quick Communication- We know that gambling businesses face many restrictions, like GEOs and legal age. Many countries where gambling is legal have their authorities responsible for maintaining the legality of this business. From time to time, they circulate a circular containing an important notification for gambling businesses. Online gambling advertisements play a crucial role here for businesses; they convey these notifications to customers quickly. 

Choosing An Ad Network For Gambling Ads: Important Factors To Consider

Choosing an ad network for your gambling advertisements is totally up to your personal choice or consideration. Here are some key factors that many advertisers keep in mind while selecting a gambling ad network;

1) Availability of Various Types Of Traffic- Those businesses that are promoting their gambling services through digital ads are aware of the quality of gambling traffic that is provided by gambling ad networks. It is essential to consider the traffic format given by your preferred ad network. It needs lots of research, so before you choose the ad network, first look at whether the ad format that is appropriate for your ad campaign is available or not.

2) Reputation- Reputation in the market will give you a direct hint about the nature of the gambling ad network. Many ad networks are roaming in the market that offer high traffic at a low cost, but not all of them are genuine. Some of them might provide bot traffic and fake clicks or impressions that can fail your advertising efforts. You must look for gambling ad networks with a solid reputation in the industry. You can check the client reviews on trustworthy platforms like Trustpilot. You can also ask the person who has been promoting their gambling offerings through digital ad networks for a long time. 

3)Targeting Capabilities- It is important for you to showcase your gambling advertisement in front of the ideal audience at the perfect time. To do this, you need an advanced gambling ad network that can offer you precise targeting features so that you can target according to your needs. You must look for an ad network that permits you to target your audience based on;

  • Demographics
  • Geographic
  • Behavioral Targeting

4) Compliance With Regulations- Many gambling platforms have a variety of games in their bucket but get penalized for their one common mistake. When choosing a gambling ad network, they do not check whether they comply with regulations. You should have to protect yourself from getting banned or penalized. You must check that the ad network adheres to creative gambling advertising regulations in the GEOs where your ads will be displayed. 

5) Monitoring Tools- Real-time monitoring tools are very important for gauging the effectiveness of a gambling ad campaign. It can help you to look at the elements of your ad campaign that are providing you with positive results or your ad campaign needs some modification for optimal performance. 

6) Cost-Effectiveness- You must look for ad networks that offer various pocket-friendly pricing structures, such as CPC, CPA, and CPM. You must ensure it offers competitive rates that fit within your advertising budget. I am not saying that while looking at the pocket-friendly option, you compromise with the results. Look for a gambling ad network that offers you the desired results within your ad budget limit. 

7) 24/7 Support- In some cases, many gambling ad networks are exposed with their below-par advertiser support. You must go with a gambling ad network that offers transparent communication and 24/7 reliable customer support to resolve any concerns or issues promptly. It is said that issues can come up at any time to any advertisers; a good ad network offers a support team to tackle and solve these unwanted issues for advertisers within or before a set period. 

Top Ad Networks For Gambling Advertisements

In a race of many gambling ad networks, the ones who will attain the top three places are the ones who can offer excellent results. Here are some of the top contenders; 

1) 7Search PPC

7Search PPC holds a top position among the leading ad networks for the iGaming industry. They focus specifically on catering to gambling advertisers, offering features such as precise targeting based on demographics and interests in gambling. This ensures that your gambling advertisements are seen by potential customers rather than being scattered among a general audience. 7Search PPC has a user-friendly platform with real-time analytics, making it easy for you to optimize campaigns and track performance.

They have a larger network of partner sites and various ad formats to ensure maximum reach and brand impact. Furthermore, 7Search PPC offers cost-effective advertising solutions for gambling businesses with features such as budget control and competitive bids. 

Traffic Types: Multiple Formats (Text, Banner, In-Page Push, Popunder, Native)

GEO Coverage- Global (239+ GEOs)

2) Evadav

When it comes to iGaming advertising, Evadav is also a leading contender who offers genuine traffic that matters to advertisers. It is a platform that strives to cater to all your gambling advertisement needs. Their services specialize in push notifications, native ads, and targeted traffic in the rapidly expanding mobile market. This enables you to get your message across to high-converting audiences in a direct manner.

They utilize advanced technology to prevent fraud and make sure your money is spent wisely, giving you the best possible return on investment (ROI). With a strong track record of success, you can trust them for effective gambling advertisements. 

Traffic Types: Push Notifications

GEO Coverage: Global 

3) Clickadu

Clickadu is a great platform for gambling advertisements because it reaches a large number of people worldwide who like to gamble. It offers different kinds of ads that work well for gambling campaigns, and it makes sure that the ads are seen by real people, not fake ones. The user-friendly interface lets advertisers control their campaigns and target specific groups so they can get the best results for their money. Overall, Clickadu is a top choice for gambling ads, even though it might not be perfect. 

Traffic Types: Popunder, Push Notifications

GEO Coverage: Global 


The gambling industry is growing rapidly, but advertising it online can be challenging due to restrictions from major ad networks. This blog post addresses the benefits of online gambling advertising and how to choose an ad network. Some important factors we have discussed are traffic availability, if they have a good reputation, what tools they have to monitor ads, how much it costs, and if they have good customer support. This blog also mentions the top three ad platforms for gambling ads: 7Search PPC, Evadav, and Clickadu. Each one has its special features and ways to target the right people, helping advertisers make the most money. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I need ad networks for gambling advertisements?

Ans. Ad networks specialize in placing ads on relevant websites, ensuring your gambling ads reach the right audience and increase ROI.

What are the advantages of using ad networks for gambling ads? 

Ans. Ad networks offer targeted advertising, real-time performance tracking, and access to a vast range of publishers, increasing the visibility and effectiveness of your gambling ads. 

What criteria should I prioritize when choosing an ad network for gambling ads? 

Ans. Consider factors such as targeting options, ad formats, pricing models, reach, and reputation when selecting an ad network for your gambling ads. 

Are there any restrictions or regulations for gambling advertisements on ad networks? 

Ans. Yes, there are strict regulations governing the advertising of gambling services in many jurisdictions. You must make sure to comply with these regulations to avoid legal issues.


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