Become more acquainted with better: Meeting with Business visionary Nikunj Agarwal

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The ever-evolving world of tech is making new entrepreneurs eager to leverage their ideas and create premium products that can be sold in the market. The courage and perseverance it takes to run a business is so important. So here we are with Nikunj Agarwal

In this candid chit chat with him and knowing his point of view. 

He is a well-known expert in the field of IT, from Udaipur.

Founder of  Digitary Media in 2021 

He is an entrepreneur that manages social media marketing, influencer marketing, personal branding, website design and branding PR. Not only this he is inspiring many people to achieve success

With his skills, knowledge, and ability to function properly, you can collaborate with their talented company. He wants to work towards transforming India into digital space.

Here are just a few questions we asked Nikunj, as he share few Digital Entrepreneur Tips:

Q)Since the digital world is very competitive, how do you handle it?

This is true in the digital world, you must keep learning because it is developing very quickly. Being a good learner gave me an edge over other competitors. The only thing that needs to be done is to keep applying the knowledge we gain every day.

Q)What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make their dreams come true?

 I just want to say having a dream is one thing, but to achieve it you have to act. There may be some failures but you are not allowed to stop. Focus on the work and money will be the reward.

Q)Tell us about the challenges you faced as a new entrepreneur?

Before anything, you have to believe in your dream and then share your vision with the right people. Share your vision with like-minded people. Focus on execution and success, and don’t get distracted.

Q)The thing you enjoy most about being an entrepreneur?

When my idea is appreciated and gets validated in the market by clients. I have all of these thoughts and I’m so obsessed that I don’t feel comfortable until it starts working. The fulfillment that I can actually pursue my passion.

Q)If you could, how would you describe being an entrepreneur in one sentence?

It is a business idea and delivered directly to the market. Being an entrepreneur is the most satisfying, exciting, and exciting ride.

“Work in any area all have its ups and downs, and it is up to you to work through it positively.”


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