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In the era of developing technologies with more use of cell phones and other electronic screens are gradually impacting eye sight of across the world, as eyes are one of the most essential sense organs in human body that helps us to behold things from beauty to reality of this world, one can’t even suppose to live happily with compromised eyes.
With this issue today we are talking about a company named Lens and Meds which is an initiative of a very optimistic and energetic team of entrepreneurs Mr. Rajesh Khanna Dambigam, Mr Deepak Kumar, Mr Nanda Kumar and Mr.Partha Partim Roy.
As our market is so huge and our demand is rising day by day, every day more and more people are getting tested with a new eye problem, getting desired lenses with supreme quality and durability is a dream of every specs wearer, the company is going forward with this clear idea of providing people with quality eye care products and testing’s , at present the company owns one store in Bengaluru (south), but the plans are very ambitious as they are planning to set up 5 more new stores in different parts of the Bengaluru , and very soon the company is going to own multiple stores across the south India for meeting the demand of such a huge nation .
At the same time company also having some fantabulous futuristic ideas as they are providing people with the facility of home eye testing and eye support at their respective convenient places, to get it done smoothly the company is in association with over 100 pharmacies across the south Bengaluru and aiming to enhance the numbers by 600 in upcoming years.
All the associated pharmacy stores are being provided with an B2B application of Lens and Meds through which they can share business process with maximum transparency and convenience.
Going with digital medium also aids in least manual hilarity.

Objective of Lens and Meds are providing people with affordable spectacles, high quality frames, wide range of frames for different age groups, and finally the most daring part is life time guarantee on frames! That makes the company stand apart from other such producers.
For the convenience of customers, the selection of frames and purchasing is made easy with app, through which they can book and buy over 700 frames simultaneously with promised delivery within 4 working days.
For making their working even professional, trained opticians are being appointed for the respective work.

In upcoming days, the company is aiming to operate mobile vans with fully loaded equipment’s needed for quality eye testing, the idea is revolutionary and this is certainly going to change the perspective of people about hectic schedules whenever they think of getting their eye tested!
Such a great idea must have originated from the great mind and the man behind all this is none other than Mr. Rajesh K Dambigam, he is committed to solve year old vision correction problem existing in INDIA, with a very dedicated team support and working spirit.
Trying this is going to be my personal recommendation, go with it feel the change be a part of the revolution.



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