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Fashion is a trend that makes you believe in adapting to change according to the needs of the individual. Fur has been worn for centuries and is synonymous with royalty, affluence, and style.

Fur has been a great companion for various luxury brands like Fendi, Louis Vuitton, and more.
Sasha fur is a New fur brand that is being introduced and founded by Akansha Singh.

Author:- When we asked the founder about the reason behind this specific name – “Sasha”?

Akansha: – When I was 2 years old I couldn’t pronounce my name Akansha, So, I used to call myself “Sasha”. Hence for my Brand which is so close to my heart. I chose “Sasha Furs” as the Name.

Author: – Why You want to start your business with Fur. Why Not Something else?

Akansha: – I loved Fur since I was a kid. “The softness and the durability of it, it’s something that can be passed on from generations i.e. vintage fur can be upcycled or transformed into new pieces”. What I believe in is slow fashion & good quality pieces that our customers can invest in, completely opposite to fast fashion.

Author: – That seems quite interesting! So, tell us what differentiates your brand from other existing brands.

Akansha: – We source our materials only from regulated suppliers. Our prices set are competitive & they solve some problems like shipping costs, customs, high prices for our customers in India.
Our focus is on sourcing the highest quality fur and other materials for our pieces, most of our pieces hit the shelf only after they meet the criteria of quality, the right tailoring, & ensuring ethical practices.

Sasha Furs is a clothing brand that focuses on giving quality products to its customers. All their products are handcrafted in India and Europe. The brand offers customers the flexibility to customize their orders, choose from a range of colors & furs, even tailors existing coats of customers with fur trims. The brand will be providing a range of products – fur scarfs, fur coats, woolen/cashmere coats, shirts, sweaters & accessories.

  The Brand key points: -
  1. Sourcing of materials is done responsibly keeping every detail and quality checks in mind
  2. Brand Policy of No use of single use plastic is practiced throughout the supply chain.
  3. Packaging is been designed with R&D team to ensure products reach customers in the best condition when delivered.
  4. Luxury at a competitive price

Akansha Singh – owner and founder of Sasha Furs – her focus has been to deliver handcrafted finest quality fur & other winter wear clothing with sustainability & ethics embedded in the core values of the brand. “Quality, Craftsmanship & natural materials – is the key to a sustainable product.”

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