According To Tessabella Jelten, The Journey Matters More Than The Destination

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You should never let a fork in the road scare you or become paralyzed by fear. It’s important to be open to change without focusing too much on the outcome. Tessabella Jelten says that if you work to be the best version of yourself, putting one foot in front of the other, you will be highly rewarded.

Tessabella’s journey began right out of high school. Inspired by the HGTV show Flip or Flop, she started with nothing but a laptop, learning everything she could about real estate. She pitched to anyone who would listen until she found someone willing to take a chance on her. By age 19, Tessabella flipped 23 houses. “Through many bumps and a lot more flops than flips, I cracked the code. Real estate investing became building a real estate sales team, which led to speaking and coaching others to do the same, all the while I was documenting EVERYTHING about the journey on social media,” says Tessabella Jelten.

As time went on, Tessabella made slight shifts and pivots as she built up a tribe around her. She is a nationally recognized real estate coach, works with TV celebrities on hit TV networks like HGTV, Bravo, and Netflix, and she has achieved $23 million in real estate sales. Tessabella leads with compassion and care for her clients and peers, giving her a competitive edge since she invests in the individual, not the “deal” itself.

As a female leader, Tessabella has faced many obstacles, but the biggest obstacle has come from within. “Overcoming my own limiting beliefs and ‘imposter syndrome’ were, and still are, some of the big obstacles that I face daily. See, every time you achieve something or reach a new level in your journey, you’ve raised your standards… which is great, but you know what they say… new levels bring new devils. I don’t think that imposter syndrome ever really goes away. You just learn yourself and find new ways to channel that energy and turn it into a tool, rather than your demise,” says Tessabella Jelten.

To stay motivated, Tessabella is deeply connected to her “why.” Everyone experiences hard times, and when she is experiencing a rough patch, she simply has to remember what got her started in the first place to keep her going.


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