According To Devin Anderson, His Biggest Obstacle To Overcome Is Himself

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Life is full of struggles, but usually the biggest one is fought from within. Overcoming yourself can be one of the hardest things to do, but it can also bring the biggest rewards. Devin Anderson has faced a lot of obstacles in life, but his biggest has always been himself.

People often tell a linear story of “rags to riches.” But Devin’s story is a little more complicated than that. As a child, his family operated a successful dump truck company that earned them millions. But when a near fatal accident revealed the double life his father had been living, everything was taken away. His mother was forced to raise the family on her own. So she was taking care of five kids. We were on food stamps and stuff. So it was like a super perspective for me because I’m not used to not having anything, to having all the food in the world,” says Devin Anderson.

Devin had future plans of playing college football. But things changed his junior year of high school when he visited his brother in Tempe, AZ. He was invited to try door-to-door sales, and Devin discovered, not only was he good at it, he liked it. He made $2000 in one day, which was more money than he had ever seen. This caused him to make the decision to become an entrepreneur instead of pursuing college. With that, his mother kicked him out of the house. 

Devin continued door-to-door sales as he saved to buy a car. Within a month, his car and all of his belongings were stolen, and he had to start over. Devin learned the hard way that he knew nothing about managing finances. He lost all the money he made, racked up credit card debt, and never even knew he was supposed to file taxes. “No one told me that was even a thing. I thought it just came out of my check. So that didn’t work,” says Devin Anderson.

Eventually, Devin found his path when he went to work for Trinity Solar. He became their top sales rep, but most importantly, learned the life & professional skills needed. He learned about scaling, leadership, and discipline, and what it means to be a man. But corporate companies have a way of twisting their values and Devin believed he could do better. So, he started Source NRG to specialize in energy conservation and energy efficiency. “There’s no equalizer within this industry, which is why we’ve taken the initiative to completely create a new standard of home energy, which is home hygiene,” says Devin Anderson.

Throughout Devin’s journey, he’s experienced both the highs and lows life has to offer. But this 21-year-old entrepreneur knows the importance of learning the lessons of life to overcome and succeed. This is how he has bootstrapped Source NRG into the $30 million dollar company it is today.


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