According To Benjamin Boyce, There’s A Way Out Of A Life On The Streets

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Not everyone is born with the same advantages. For many, the demons of their past follow them into their future. Benjamin Boyce knows what it’s like to fight his demons and have victory over them. And he’s here today to share his message that there is a way out of a life on the streets.

Ben’s life growing up left him wounded. And even as wounds heal, they have a way of opening back up. By the time he was 18, he kept finding himself getting into trouble, losing everything, and ending up homeless. But a life on the streets was not the end for Ben–it was just his beginning. Recognizing he was in charge of his own fate, he built himself up from nothing by getting his start in digital marketing. He found his true passion when he started building brands. “I started my first brand and blew it up and continued to build brands, dominating the online space,” says Benjamin Boyce.

Through brand building, Ben created a whole new life for himself. He learned how to get an edge over his competitors and completely turn his life around at the same time. As an entrepreneur, he has created several multimillion dollar e-commerce companies. He believes in bringing people great products at prices they can afford simply because he can. Ben also knows that if he can do it, anyone can.

For anyone who has hit rock bottom, there is a despair that few people can understand. But Ben is here to share that he not only understands how you feel, but he knows it’s not the end of the story. “I want kids and young adults to know that there is a way out of the streets. Creating brands gave me that opportunity,” says Benjamin Boyce.

Ben’s life may be marked with lows, but his story offers hope. It is the hope that no matter what your circumstance is, you can create a lasting change by realizing your passion and taking charge.


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