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Introducing Aaron Sansoni, a 37 years old Australian Chairman of Sansoni Management who oversees 2 Venture Capital Firms, and also owns the Aaron Sansoni Foundation and Aaron Sansoni Group which are his education companies. He is born and brought up in Melbourne and has multiple businesses and multiple income streams as will be clear very soon. Aaron urges others following his footsteps to do the same. 

Aaron Sansoni is the author of 2 Books. “Empire Mastery” is now the most sold-out among those with over 350,000 copies purchased. Aaron Sansoni conducts business events in Australia which also attracts international attendees. He has even Built, Acquired or Invested in over 40 Companies worldwide through his venture capital firms namely, Empire Group International and Paragon Global Investments.

The list doesn’t end here, he has been a private investor in many companies including SpaceX. He shared the stage globally with names such as Sir Richard Branson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, Marc Randolph (co-founder of Netflix), Mary Buffet, Eric Thomas and many more and even mentored celebrities, athletes, actors and icons. He aims not to stop here and hunt many more opportunities further. “To take the 3 major areas – Venture Capital, Education and Philanthropy to a greater level and a greater reach helping more people Live a Life by Design and Not by Default”, adds Aaron.

On being asked about the inspiration behind all of this, he claimed it to be a lot of people. Firstly, Sir Richard Branson proved how multiple Businesses were profitable and could build an empire. Secondly, He got inspiration from Nelson Mandela who always believed to keep fighting for things you wish to have in life. Thirdly, Tony Robbins showed the ways to connect with more people. Michael Jordan showed how powerful one’s mindset is in achieving things. Oprah influenced him through her personal Branding skills. Lastly, his parents have been extremely helpful and influential. For instance, his mother taught him to work hard whereas his father showed trust in his son’s choice of becoming an entrepreneur.

Aaron Sansoni has an exceptionally bright future ahead of him and he is sure to be able to help many more individuals by just doing what he loves. Find out more about Aaron and keep updated with his future achievements by following him on:





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Charity Foundation-

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