Aaradhy Jaykar is an emerging new composer and music producer.

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Aaradhy Jaykar

Aaradhy Jaykar is the rising musical artist :and music director??. Aaradhy was born on 22 August (age 17years; as in 2020 ) in varanasi . He was educated in St.John’s Hindi school, Varanasi . He enrolled himself in St. John’s Hindi Varanasi , . Aaradhy was passionate about music from a very young age. He was a part of his school’s music choir. It was during his lockdown days that he was exposed to music and started songs making. When he saw that the songs he had made gradually started to be liked by everyone, he never looked back when he was starting his world of music, a lot of people told him that you will not be yours just don’t talk, leave all this but Aaradhy Jaykar did not listen to anyone. The time is such that people consider him to be india’s youngest successful musician. Aaradhy Jaykar has thousands of fans on Instagram. Because he started the world of music as an actor, his first album was Checkmate. which people liked a lot. His second most popular album was Teri Yadein People who liked it more than checkmate . Personality He also likes him very much because he is a person of very good self-respect. Apart from being a musical artist, Aaradhy Jaykar is also the co-owner of Jaykar’s Music Company and Jaykar’s Group. Jaykar’s music company is the 5 star reted on Google. Aaradhy Jaykar is a very hardworking musician. He owned his music company. He worked very hard to make his music company popular. Aaradhy loves singing and acting. He discovered his passion at a young age and planned to pursue it. He is focused on his career and he wants to become one of the famous musicians and singers. He is religious and is often seen exploring new temples around the world. Aaradhy Jaykar has over 40k followers on Instagram. He also has many stylish pictures of himself and also of his family. Following that, he also has pictures of his show and videos of his fans on his Instagram. Fans often say that Aaradhy Jaykar has changed his style of songs.


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