A Look Into Mix Engineer Dexter Simmons’s Incredible Journey

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Music is a universal language. It’s a form of communication that transcends all barriers to touch the hearts of people worldwide. For this reason, it has continually been a favorite to many. 

Everyone has a different definition of music. To Dexter Simmons, music is his whole existence. He says his first encounter with music opened his eyes to a new world. The experience fueled him to embark on a journey of audio engineering. Here is a look at how he has navigated the music industry, solidifying his place despite the brutal competition.

Dexter is a renowned mix engineer based in Los Angeles. Together with his partner, IMMPAAC, they have founded Lion Pack Music Group, a multimedia entertainment company. Lion Pack Music Group has signed some of the top artists in the industry, among them 12-year-old Carson Ferris, who is currently working on his EP.

According to Dexter, growing up listening to music, what fascinated him was the music-making process. He always wondered how people brought together the different sounds and beats and ended up with a perfect song. To quench his curiosity, Dexter started his research into audio engineering.

Dexter studied audio engineering in England. During his time in England, Dexter learned more about music, helping him better understand the music-making process. “In composing and producing a song, every aspect is critical,” says Dexter. He adds, “To relay the message best and tell the intended story, there is a lot to consider from the lyrics to the sound.”

As Dexter continued perfecting his skills, he started working as a music producer and mix engineer. He has mixed songs for some legendary artists, including Michael Jackson, Maria Carey, Alicia Keys, and Toni Braxton. Having been in the industry for over 30 years, the skills and experience he has gained give him the upper hand. Dexter’s work has been nominated for Record of the Year for the Single “The Boy is Mine” by Brandy and Monica.

Additionally, Dexter won a Grammy Award for mixing the rap group OutKast’s album Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. Looking back, while his journey hasn’t been easy, Dexter notes every moment has contributed to his success. He adds that he wouldn’t have attained his goals if he had given up at the slightest setback.

His advice is to follow your passion, work hard, and remain committed to your purpose. “Believe in your ideas and work hard as this will help you build trust with the client,” says Dexter. He adds that challenges and mistakes are part of the journey, and you can only get to the next chapter by rising above them. Instead of dwelling too much on the failure, Dexter recommends learning from that particular situation as it will help you avoid repeating the same mistake in the future.

Every journey must start somewhere. While starting is the hardest part, unless you take action on your dreams, there is no other way to make them a reality. By taking his first step years ago, Dexter Simmons is living his passion. He aspires to produce more records and grow Lion Pack Music Group while helping other artists tell their stories through music.


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