A jewelry brand that promotes affordable, fashionable and high-quality jewelry-Freyatreasures

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For so long, jewelry was listed as a luxury purchase and was only flaunted by the 1%.These
days, it has grown to be more available but on the flipside, there are so many different
choices and options that it has frankly become overwhelming. The prices are also not as
inexpensive as you would think. So what is the solution, how can I get good quality jewelry
that is also cute for a good price?
The answer is Freyatreasures, an online jewelry store that started small and is now
comfortably sitting at 200k followers on Instagram. Their whole brand is inspired by Greek
goddesses hence their name that designates Freya, the goddess of love and power. We
chose this brand as our pick for the commitment it has made to its customers.
They implemented an ambassador program that gives their customers access to many
deals, giveaways, and exclusive discounts. They have also filled their Instagram feed with
pictures of their ambassadors without any enhancements or photoshop. This decision was
taken early on when they set body positivity and confidence as their legacy and mission.
A message that they have voiced and encouraged throughout their few years, proving that
when a brand stands for a purpose bigger than just making money, it can create a real
community of inspired people. It doesn’t hurt that their jewelry exceeds expectations as it is
stunning, ships quickly and there are enough options to find a piece that fits your style
without being lost between hundreds of pages.
Affordable prices, giveaways, and top-notch customer service helped them acquire more
than 50 000 loyal customers and a plethora of reviews, hashtags, and posts. This social
media presence definitely works in their favor and attracts more eyes and potential
Inside the chaos that is online shopping with the endless options that are presented to us,
having one minimalistic shop can be quite freeing and stress-free particularly when you
know that your purchase is meaningful. We have reviewed and approved Freyatreasures to
fill up your jewelry box and feel luxurious for the right price.


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