7 Skills You Must Have to Get Hired in IT in 2022

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There is not a better time than right now to update your resume. However, you might wonder what the top skills you must have to get hired in the information technology (IT) field are. Think about your current position and how you can position yourself for success shortly. This does not mean you must look for a new job. 

It can be contesting to learn if your skills are what employers are actively seeking. Therefore, acquiring the training and background to develop these skills is essential if you do not possess them.

Here are seven skills which can support you go forward and find success in 2022: 

Decision-making skills. 

How do you handle the decision-making process when presented with a pile of problems? All solutions could be the correct solution. However, it is essential to pick the option to deal with the issues. 

The ability to make confident decisions quickly is highly desirable to employers. Hearing a decisive person communicate assertively is what they want. However, they also want to see someone who can weigh options. There is much power to consider the strengths of each and every move with confidence in the company’s direction. 

Stress management

The pandemic has presented many layers of stress over the past couple of years. However, how you handle stress is essential in the hiring process. It is necessary to adapt to tense situations, and keeping their cool under pressure is a big win for employers. You will be observed as reliable and level-headed, who can take everything in stride, and will be a rock under pressure. 

Innovation and Creativity 

When you look at a block of clay, do you have ideas on what can be created? How natural these thoughts come to you is essential to employers as they work on innovative products for their customers. 

Therefore you can use your creative approach to the problem-solving process. As a result, you can see different viewpoints, opportunities, and future challenges. These creative opportunities are exciting in developing new ways to address old issues. Employers want people on their teams who are unafraid to try new solutions and learn from them. 


Problem-solving is the ability to take a big task and break it down into smaller, manageable tasks. If you enjoy the challenge of being suggested something is unattainable, then make sure to highlight this asset in your resume. Problem-solving mastery goes hand-in-hand with imagination. 

Being open to testing new solutions or expanding the traditional solutions is essential in today’s workforce. Therefore, being willing to do something differently is valid as long as it results in favorable developments. It also displays a willingness to hear new ideas and try to see what happens. 

Data and IT Security

Data breaches that have occurred through phishing scams have cost companies billions of dollars. Therefore, companies are on high alert about security breaches and looking for ways to protect their private data and clients’ and customers’ information. You’ll stand out among job candidates if you’re tech-savvy and can show management new ways to improve security. 

Remote working skills

I know we are all exhausted from video team meetings. However, the ability to work remotely also shows a kind of flexibility and adaptability employers want. Therefore, working remotely demonstrates your readiness to discover methods to manage to changing situations. It also proposes the capability to self-manage and remains motivated even without somebody over your shoulder, a kind of independence that managers like to see when juggling multiple projects simultaneously. 

Communication skills

Assertive communicators are essential in busy office situations. Someone who can quickly and accurately disseminate vital data by phone, email, or text message is desirable. Therefore, someone who communicates efficiently with these tools becomes integral to a team’s success. 

People who know when to use each tool in the proper setting will help save time. Clearly explaining priorities and objectives when sharing instructions will keep everyone on the same page and keep projects running smoothly. 

Finding Career Success

“Employers are looking for job candidates with many skills. Possessing a solid wheelhouse of different skills will help you succeed,” Giridhar Akkineni CEO of AkkenCloud. “However, you need to maintain the strength in these abilities to help you stand out among other job candidates.”


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