The Gel Blaster SURGE Is Getting Kids Off Screens and Outside Again

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Whoever said boredom is a valuable gift knew what they were saying. In our gadget-infested world today, it is possible to live with people and never bond with them because they are always “busy.” In many households, children, guardians, and parents alike can spend more time on the internet than actually interacting with one another. The Covid-19 situation didn’t help either. With lockdowns and curfews in many places, many kids became attached to their screens to avoid the loneliness that came with being cooped up in the house for months.

Now, the world is getting its rhythm back, but weaning kids off their screens will take time. As a parent with 2 active and sneaky kids, Colin Guinn knows how essential that is for their development. In Colin’s household, toys are a must-have. He admits that his family owns just about every toy weapon system on the planet because they all love to do battle.

While that helps bring the family together, most toy systems come with challenges. For instance, Colin points out that airsoft and paintball are fun, but they need to set up, plan, clean up, and use heavy protective gear. The games also require a dedicated block of time, which rarely fits into all of their schedules.

Colin says foam dart toys are an excellent system too. However, the weapons require proprietary darts, organized clean-up and storage, and a bazillion batteries. Usually, the systems find their way into the donation box as soon as the family loses all the ammo. Also, their dog tries to eat all the rogue darts. However, you can find a way around that. The major problem with these systems, according to Colin, is finding something the whole family can enjoy.

For Colin’s eldest kid, foam darts are not cool. He prefers the beefier weapons, but those are not quite right for the youngest. This leaves the parents playing referees most of the time. Long before the kids came, adventure was part of Colin and Christie’s life. In 2003, they were contestants on season 5 of CBS’s The Amazing Race, where they finished 2nd. The couple returned for the program’s 31st season and emerged winners.

As lifelong advocates of personal development, Colin and Christie needed a solution that allowed the entire family to jump off the couch, run into the backyard and play a game together. Colin, a tech person, took that and ran with it. As the CEO and founder of a successful robotics and emerging technology consultancy, this project was right up his alley.

Colin’s brand soon unveiled Gel Blaster SURGE, a cutting-edge toy system with awesome features guaranteed to please the entire family. Unlike other toy systems on the market, the Gel Blaster SURGE was created with the outdoors in mind. First, the toy is eco-friendly. The toy’s water-based eco-friendly, water infused ammo that burst and evaporate on contact, making the cleaning process faster and easier.

Second, the “SURGE” in the toy’s name explains the distance it can cover. The toy’s high power SURGE can reach up to 100 feet, meaning the player can be a long way from the target and still get a precise hit. Third, the toy is customizable, and every team member can choose their own color. Other product features include rechargeable batteries, adjustable velocity, blaster modes, and a safety switch.


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