Meet Hafiz Parwani, a Boxing Champion in the Making Coached by His Dad

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When we think of a boxing champion, we conjure up an image of a well-built boxer who can fight tirelessly like a machine. There is nothing wrong with this because that’s what a champion boxer does. With Hafiz Parwani, the story is a little different. He is not a well-built man but a 10-year-old schoolgoer who has already developed unique boxing skills during his 8 years of training. As weird as this might sound, Hafiz’s story started when he was only 2 years old.

Hafiz‘s father, a boxing enthusiast, discovered his son’s passion for boxing when he was a toddler and wasted no time in training him. At 2, when other kids his age were learning the alphabet and numbers, Hafiz was introduced to boxing gear. This helped him pave the way for a solid career in the sports industry early on. With all the pain and challenges he has been through during the last 8 years of training, Hafiz has only become even more focused on his goal and passionate about boxing.

The journey so far might sound interesting, but it has not been easy for young Hafiz. He had spent years juggling his studies and boxing practice before the father-son duo came up with a schedule that worked perfectly. Hafiz’s father realizes the importance of both, so he never wanted Hafiz to sacrifice his schooling. Instead, the duo set a schedule for practice every week that helped them balance boxing with his studies.

Being a champion boxer in the making, Hafiz has already gained much recognition in various media and publications. The young boxer was featured in a few television ads. He has also amassed more than 33.8K followers on his Instagram account, and the number continues to rise every day. Hafiz was also featured in a video on a famous YouTube channel where he is seen using a boxing bar like a professional. The video has gained millions of views so far.

For the 10-year-old, this is just the beginning as he has big dreams for his future. The father-son duo is working hard because they know that the pain in the training sessions will only make future wins easier for Hafiz. He dreams of becoming a boxing world champion at the age of 18. Considering his journey since he was 2, all of this makes sense because Hafiz is ahead of competitors at multiple levels. At a time when boys his age will start planning their futures, Hafiz will accomplish his lifetime goal of becoming a world champion.

For the duo, it is not only their success that matters. Hafiz wants to set an example for other kids to follow. Hafiz and his father want to let people know that kids can pursue their passion at an early age without compromising their studies. This early start will not end their academic careers but open a new door to pursue a solid career out of academics where the kid can discover his passion. Hafiz and his journey over the last 8 years is proof of this.

Hard work and dedication have been the duo’s biggest strengths so far and have helped them move toward their goal. With this dedication, Hafiz and his father will move forward in the coming years to create a history in the world of boxing.


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