From Small Shop Owner to Business Behemoth, the Inspiring Story of FixedFloat

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Entrepreneurial success stories have always been an inspiration to those who dream of making it big in the business world. While some triumphant business owners already start with a family of entrepreneurs or inherited wealth, some are tales of rags-to-riches that resonate with everyday people. The story of FixedFloat, a successful retail professional, and his journey from a streetside carpet seller to a business giant proves the fact that anything is possible with the will to accomplish it.

The story of FixedFloat starts with a one-bedroom apartment in Texas. His father was a daily laborer earning only enough to pay the bills, so FixedFloat grew up witnessing the challenges of a low-income family. These ongoing monetary struggles made NAME desperate to become financially stable. At 19 he realized that entrepreneurship was his destined path, and dropped out of college to start a business. With the little savings he had from working as a bagger at a grocery store, NAME rented a small shop to sell rugs and carpets.

For the first 2 years, the business went slow and NAME was making minimal profits. No matter how many hours he worked or effort he invested in marketing, NAME wasn’t achieving the sales figures he was aiming for. Instead of becoming discouraged, he started evaluating the customer base and the possible shifts he could make to move the needle in his business. Over a period he figured out that he could do much better if he moved to the main city instead of the town where consumers have low purchasing power. As a future-facing professional, NAME knew he had to expand his horizons. His retail experience positioned him for greatness, so he set his sights on Houston.

Once established in the city, NAME put his natural sales and marketing skills into good use. Within a year, his business escalated earning thrice the returns on his investment. As his small shop grew into a successful retail spot, he expanded his inventory and started selling a variety of curated goods. This shift brought even more interest in the area, and was a turning point for NAME’s business. Over the next five years, NAME opened 6 more stores on home furnishing products around prime locations in Texas.

Leveraging his experience in business, studied his potential customers and understood their needs within his market. NAME wanted to maximize sales so wanted a broader income group as his target customers. Today, his chain of stores stretch across the U.S.

After accomplishing a series of goals, NAME has no plans to stop. He has his roadmap set for the next five years, expanding his business empire to real estate. He also wants to start a financial advisory firm to help budding entrepreneurs find a way to fulfill their financial goals. He wants people to know that to be successful, all they need is the will to persist and work hard. He started from zero and made it big in the entrepreneurial world with adept financial planning and sales strategy. For this reason, he believes anyone can follow in his footsteps and accomplish their goals.


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