Chennai-based PickMyAd – Influencer marketing platform raises pre-seed from Startup India funds.

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Launched in 2020, Chennai-based PickMyAd is leveraging on-demand tech solutions to solve the Influencer marketing complex associated with its tremendous growth seen after the Pandemic.

PickMyAd, an Influencer marketing ‘SAAS’ startup based out of Chennai, has raised 20 lakhs rupees in pre-seed funding to accelerate its growth from Startup India Seed Fund Scheme(SISFS), which was coordinated by the VelTech TBI Business Incubator team (Vel Tech TBI).

According to the official statement, the raised funds will be used to power the vision of building an Influencer marketing platform to help every brand access the millions of influential social media users in India with just a tap of a finger.

The major part of this process is supported by the VelTech TBI team, headed by Dr. Chandra Kumar P & Dr. Rajaram Venkataraman, CEO, Vel Tech TBI, with invaluable assistance from Mr. Suresh S, Incubation Manager at Vel Tech TBI, and Mr. Manoj Kumar, SISFS Executive.

“A Good Start Is Half The Job Done,” and with the grace of the almighty, we are blessed to have this amazing start for big things to happen. Huge thanks to Startup India for making a real impact in uplifting startups like us to help achieve our vision and mission,” says Prabu Dass, CEO & Co-founder, PickMyAd. He also adds, “A huge kudos to my team PickMyAd for believing in the vision of PickMyAd and carrying huge responsibilities over their heads with a big smile making things appear to be easy when, in reality, so much effort and work has gone into making PickMyAd what it is today”.

The Path they Pick

After covid-19 became part of our daily news & discussion, we adapted new habits to cope with the new normal. Brands are no different from us; their new adaptation in marketing points towards new generation social Influencers, who were primarily opinion leaders rather than celebrities alone.

PickMyAd, founded by four friends, Pradu Dass, Arul Jothi, Sivakumar & Arun Pious, aims at bridging current gaps a brand faces when connecting with an influencer by leveraging technology for creating a network of Influencers marketplace (first of its kind).

“Building of PickMyAd started in August 2020, after we faced huge price discrepancy when it came to approaching influencers through an agency. Also, discovering & contacting an Influencer was never easy, which isn’t good for the brand or the Influencer. PickMyAd challenges the established status quo by emphasizing accessibility, transparency, measurability, and technology,” says Sivakumar, PickMyAd’s COO and Co-founder.

The Pre-seed funds will be used to expand its product features, strengthen its team and expand its presence to northern & eastern parts of India. The founders, though, confirm that the platform ultimately aims to connect brands and influencers irrespective of language and location across geographies, their next features include multi-language accessibility to the users for connecting them natively.

“Every business demands scale, and we want to help by connecting them with new creators, breaking down all boundaries with the use of technology, and allowing influencers to transform their passion into a secondary or primary income,” says Arun Pious, PickMyAd’s CMO and Co-founder.

Leveraging the Tech

Not just in search filters and front desk, PickMyAd’s use of technology runs till the tip of their roots. From AI Match-making tool to system proceeded escrow payments, their team systemized every step to reduce manual work and eliminate maximum errors.

“Getting started with the idea wasn’t tough at all. Prabu and I had a long past of developing modern applications together. The tough part is to execute the idea as envisioned and get people to utilize it efficiently; thankfully, our team embraces our vision,” says Arul Jothi, CTO and Co-founder.

website: https://pickmyad.com/


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