As technology advances, all sectors of the economy are digitising in various ways. The financial sector, too, has largely been digitised. In fact, digital forms of currencies like NFTs, cryptocurrencies and bitcoins have changed the way the world looks at money.

Although, the digital currency space, especially NFTs, is a male-dominated one. It has time and again been pointed out how the NFT world is saturated with men. In fact, it is mostly men who are spreading awareness about NFTs, teaching about digital currencies and even dealing with NFTs. Chloe Liu, or as people know her NFT Bubby, is here to change that.

NFT Bubby is a 29-year-old woman who has optimally used Instagram as a platform to spread awareness about NFTs and teach her followers about them. She writes blogs about NFTs, and features and promotes the NFTs she finds potential in.

Not just that, Chloe Liu has grown her Instagram account to 10K followers in the past six months and has also collaborated with huge NFT groups. She has also helped multiple NFT groups with their social media, discord management, and moderation management.

Being in the automotive and renewable energy field for almost a decade now, Chloe Liu constantly dedicates her free time to exploring and learning more about NFTs in order to keep up with the NFT space as a woman.

Chloe Liu has been investing in the stock market and cryptocurrencies for a few years now. Her Instagram page features NFTs that she finds utility in. It is through Instagram that she offers education in the NFT space with a fresh perspective. Her motive is to inform people about the NFTs creating an impact and not offering financial advice.

Breaking gender barriers in the NFT world, Chloe Liu is trying to make people understand that if you have an interest, anyone can get into cryptocurrencies and NFTs. She believes that you do not have to be an expert, instead, you should just be willing to learn and make mistakes.

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