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Vikram Khadka is ready to make his comeback as Creative Director and Event Producer.

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Go Where you Don’t Belong. Entrepreneurship is about treading new ground,  it’s about taking a new step no one has taken before. They usually bear the uncertainty,  because it’s the only way of doing something’s different, something new.

Vikram Khadka is ready to make his comeback as Creative director and Event producer.

After receiving many acclamation for his works as Independent Creative Director for brands such as Zee music, Sony Liv and many high profile events. Work had stopped due to Coronavirus lockdown,
But after much deliberation he has decided to go ahead with his projects alone.
He has always tried to do things different and be open to all ideas, for him being unique and creative about ideas is something he lives for.
“Usually people tend to follow a trend until it dies down, for me I want to be a trend setter bring in something new, let people follow that trend, do something of your own rather then just copying what others do rather, then doing something yourself, Be unique Be creative and stand out of the crowed” he says

Vikram Khadka

With almost 7 songs through Zee music, 4 songs through Sony liv as Creative director and many high profile Events as event producer. He is planning to do things alone and Create a team of new energetic people who are innovative in their ideas. Originality is a key product for him he says. He is also looking forward to work with new budding artists, he has already started with new plans on his work. And will be collaborating with many social media Influencers.

“If i do a Project be it a Song or a Event,  it should be unique it should be something different something new, it should not only meet people’s expectations but want them to love it”.
And with this we wish nothing but the best for you now and forever!!

About – Vikram khadka

Vikram Kalusingh Khadka, Born and brought up in Mumbai, had a difficult journey. But as it is said hard work always pays. With his dad working as a security guard for nearly over 10 years. He has lived lived humble life. Vikram did his schooling from St. Joseph high school Juhu and his Graduation from Mithibai.

Vikram Khadka Started his journey of music when he met Mr. Zubin Sinha a successful Music Composer and Singer. He became his manger and PR Strategist with 4 Songs through Zee Music and 2 songs through Sony liv as Creative Director and PR Strategist. Vikram has also featured in a song called Dostana as an actor side by Mr. Zubin sinha and Mr. Munawar Ali fame of Sa re ga ma pa. He has also released more then 15 Cover songs with some independence Artist and some other originals. Vikram has always done things Uniquely, and he is hopeful that he will one day achieve his dreams. He is currently also working with new young budding artists who want something new something creative in their work.


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