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TrueNose, a brand-new, highly affordable nose job, arrives in LA

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What if you were told that a nose job could be non-surgical, last you a lifetime, take 5 minutes… and all the while only costs only $160 a month? Sounds too good to be true? Well, hold on to your seats because it’s all 100% true.

TrueNose, emerging out of Los Angeles, is a renowned non-surgical nose job treatment that offers the best of two worlds. Menaka Sampath, the CEO and Co-Founder of TrueNose, created this business with the objective of having it become the clear leader in the industry.

That objective is well within scope, as TrueNose’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Alexander Rivkin, is a pioneer in non-surgical nose jobs–and a well published one at that. With Dr. Rivkin’s expertise, TrueNose offers patients the permanency of surgical rhinoplasty without the downtime and operating room expenses–and with immediate results.

Dr. Alexander Z Rivkin, a Yale educated medical doctor and Associate Clinical Professor at UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, has over 25 years of experience in aesthetics. Ms. Sampath is taking Rivkin’s revolutionary techniques to the next level by applying all the business strategies and client retaining techniques she’s learned in her decades of experience working with direct-to-consumer companies. 

The procedure itself includes three office visits: the initial consultation and injection of temporary filler, a touch-up visit once the initial injection settles (if necessary), and a final injection of permanent filler, so the patient can enjoy their new nose for a lifetime without undergoing surgery. The products used to perform this treatment are all FDA approved for safety and efficacy.

Ms. Sampath, who comes from the fashion and luxury industry, believes accessibility to be one of the biggest draws for TrueNose customers. As such, the $5,760 procedure is available to any qualifying candidates in monthly installments as low as $160–with zero interest:

In one interview, she said, “The vast majority of aesthetic procedures are prohibitively expensive for most people. That may be fine if we’re talking about minor improvements–a little Botox or more pronounced cheekbones, for example–but the nose is a much more obvious facial feature. It tends to affect self-confidence more significantly than a few wrinkles or a thin lip. We wanted to ensure that TrueNose’s ability to change a life for the better would be as accessible as possible to a wider and more diverse audience.”

The Procedure

Once the procedure is done, the patients report how amazing and confident they feel in their daily lives. The treatments are done with such expert precision in the first go that the results are remarkably natural-looking. 

Interestingly, a considerable portion of incoming TrueNose patients have previously had surgical rhinoplasty but are still unhappy with the appearance of their noses. Because treating noses that have undergone rhinoplasty involves an additional level of risk, most aesthetic doctors would not feel comfortable accepting these as patients. However, as the pioneer of the procedure, Dr. Rivkin is adept in treating such candidates.

All in all, after 10,000+ non-surgical nose jobs, TrueNose is topping the charts with its award-winning customer service and individualized care that makes the patients feel at ease. It has revolutionized the meaning of self-care by introducing a top-notch technology making a non-surgical procedure that lasts forever.

Look and feel your best by paying a visit to the TrueNose clinic in Los Angeles and scheduling a virtual or in-person consultation with them. Learn more about TrueNose and their innovative non-surgical nose treatment on their Instagram (@truenose) or by visiting You can also email for more information.


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